Driving Tip: Snow Driving

BySam PurcellMay 8, 2015
Driving Tip: Snow Driving

As we head into the only couple of months where snow driving in this country is a possibility, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of a few snow driving basics before you drive into the powder. Different 4x4s will react differently in the snow, so knowing your drive type (part-time, full-time 4WD, if the centre-diff is locked etc.) and how any weight you’re carrying is distributed is essential. Much like in sand, the lighter your vehicle is, the better (little Suzukis rule in the snow!) as there is less likelihood of sinking in and halting forward progress. Drop your tyre pressures to increase your contact patch and engage any diff-locks and traction aids.

Tips on snow driving

Snow driving is like riding motorcycles in the rain – smoothness is everything. No chopping the throttle, heavy braking or abrupt steering. Keep it smooth and the speeds nice and low – braking distances are increased tenfold in the white stuff. On that note, if you’re in particularly icy conditions, keep the braking to an absolute minimum and use the vehicle’s gearing to slow you down. With a bit of prior planning and some common sense, snow driving and camping are two of the funnest things you can do in Australia, just remember to use plenty of caution and don’t be afraid to survey your route on foot before attempting to drive it.