Ford Ranger and Everest to feature 2.0L Bi-Turbo Raptor Engine

Hot off the Ford Australia press, is the announcement that the new 2019 Ranger and Everest, will in certain models, feature the new 147kW, 500Nm 2.0L Bi-Turbo engine, which is also slated for the Ranger Raptor.

This is Ford's latest diesel engine, called "EcoBlue'. Low capacity, high-revving and two turbos. And you can expect SCR technology (AdBlue) as well.
This is Ford’s latest diesel engine, called “EcoBlue’. Low capacity, high-revving and two turbos. And you can expect SCR technology (AdBlue) as well.

While the engine has been received with varying degrees of enthusiasm, it is indeed the newest, most powerful powertrain to be offered across the Ford Ranger and Everest line up. Being available exclusively to the XLT and Wildtrak, the next generation Bi-Turbo diesel engine will be coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission which allows for greater torque and quieter, more comfortable driving conditions.

2019 Ford Ranger Pricing revealed: see the details here.

While the engine delivers 500Nm from 1750rpm, the 10-speed auto allows the engine to stay within its peak power and torque curves essentially the whole time it’s being driven. The Bi-Turbo design, in a sequential setup, will greatly reduce any ‘turbo-lag’ that the Rangers have been known for in the past. Interestingly the new design will employ a fixed geometry turbo to reduce lag at low speeds, while the secondary turbo features a variable geometry setup allowing it to breath better as speed increases. Ford has said that the turbo will consistently and reliably spin at up to 240,000rpm which even by modern turbocharger standards is well up there. 

While the 2.0L Bi-Turbo engine will be available in the XLT and Wildtrak models, the Duratorq 2.2L 118kW/385Nm and Duratorq 3.2L 147kW/470Nm engines coupled with the six-speed auto or manual transmissions, will still be available in lower models.

“The pick-up segment is at all-time record levels in Australia,” said Ford Australia President and CEO, Graeme Whickman. “The Australian market has shifted in a relatively short timeframe, pushing pick-ups like Ranger towards the top of the sales charts. It’s also seen new buyers come in to the segment, especially at the premium end, which is why we’ve made Ranger more refined and more capable at an even wider variety of uses.”



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  • Ted, we don’t want an awd, go buy a vw and leave us alone. The landcruisers with a center diff were hopeless and people were converting them back to part time 4wd.

  • Read right through this and finally Fred at the end had my answer.
    Drove the raptor last week…very impressive.
    However , I am struggling to see just where that very expensive ,very limited market lies.
    The salesman commented mainly rural type businessman were buying them.
    Even though ifarm , the 3.2 diesel 5 cylinder in wildtrack will suit my needs.
    Can displacement be replaced ? I guess so in the case of Raptor because it’s about what’s under the vehicle , not the power plant…it is lighter to avoid nose diving after jumps etc…but for those of us that tow and want a General everyday driver ,proven , with towing ability I’m finding it hard to justify $1000 extra for a smaller engine.
    I guess time will tell but at 70 I really don’t have a shit load of that left…given that I bow out of life earlier than I intend , I want a Ute my wife can actually sell…not something that’s yet to be proven…Thanks Fred…goodcomments…Old Guy

  • Testdrove the Raptor recently while waiting for my Wildtrak 3.2 to be serviced.Must say the get up and go was good, free reving was good too. Going thru corners on uphill mountain was enjoyable, wanted to the jump thing but the sales guy nearly shit himself as I was pushing thru corners a 100 klicks. Clear this thing can handle.But comparing it to the new Wildtrak price wise no. If it was Bht100k more than the Wildtrak, yes, but Bht 300k NO.NO Rollbar, no roller lid, a towbar that is not a towbar, (only 2 hoops on both sides) too expensive.

  • Please take the raptor name off it. It will never compare to a raptor. 3.5l v6 twin turbo petrol… get over diesel every one. Its done and dusted. Its embarrassing to see australias car market turn into a greed factory of over priced u reliable p,o,s, that are lucky to see out the warranty 《if you can call it that) that dealers try their hardest to avoid fulfilling.

    Australia needs a royal commision into the automotive industry. We get rammed in the rear with cheaply made aisian vehicles and charged well over what they are worth.

    Wish someone like dick smith would start a proper australian made car comoany.

  • I like 4x4s with big cube engines , im a mechanic for 30 yrs and did my apprenticeship doing many engine conversions putting V8’s and differant transmissions in all sorts of 4x4s. If i had my way, Ford would be putting 5ltr naturally asperated coyote engines in there Ranger 4×4 models as a top option, as well as a decent size V6 option. Unfortunatly they aren’t going to listen to us Aussie customers that like big cube engines. But i will give the 2 litre twin turbo diesel coupled to the 10 speed auto a test drive and see if it suprises me with decent power before i bag it. I think if there specs on the engine are correct it should really get along good. As for reliability none of us will know until further down the track and we will just have to wait and see. Who knows if Ford are going to put in a 2 litre engine that will be stressed out for max power output and ruin the Ford Ranger credibility. Ford Rangers are at the top of 4×4 sales, so i wouldn’t have thought so, mabey they will. After all the bad feedback on the 2 litre diesel, i look ford to test driving the Ranger Raptor and seeing how it does go. I’m not going to argue with the people that think Ford will ruin there Ranger credibility, because a 2 litre diesel just doesn’t sound right, does it. I definatly do know at some stage i will be doing an engine conversion on the Ranger Raptor for someone no matter how the 2 litre twin turbo performs….

  • Chis – rep your probably wright, but I don’t want to have to go rob a bank to pay for one!! I would love a new
    Ranger but like a lot of us 4×4 nuts just can’t justify the big $ . The ten speed box sounds great but at
    the end of the day whats the cost of a rebuild after really hard days flog and it lets go. V6 turbo would be the way to go rather than a 2ltr Bi Turbo. I was in the states a couple of years ago and still kicking myself for
    not buying a new 4×4 Ram at a show I was at $33 grand drive away. Why do we pay so much for a decent 4×4
    over here.

  • Sorry but could this be the next ZD30, wound up like a spring and boom! My td42ti has plenty of juice with a UFI hairdryer and none of this climate change hoax shit to bung it up. With 210kw at the engine and simple mechanical set up. These manufacturers with the exception of Toyota just don’t get it!

  • Well what a mess, Ford must have their heads in the sand as VW did, VW saw their mistake and put in a V6 turbo in the Amorok a great engine and combination. I like the Ranger but a 2Ltr unit get real I saw how poorly the VW did pulling a 2.5 tonne van it worked its guts out. V6 turbos are the best for towing if you can’t afford a Toyota 200. Me I will stick to my 100 series LC and then when I replace it it will be a VW Amorok not an over revving 2ltr Ranger.

  • Len – the 80s are great and are legendary, but a ute running 210hp/500Nm through a 10 speed box built for nearly 900Nm is well behind the race, there’s no comparison – and it will use a lot less fuel.

  • The great thing about the Australian market is we have a huge choice when it comes to buying vehicles. If you have doubt as to the 2 litres ability, or don’t like the 2 litre – then don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that. Buy a V6 Amarok, V8 cruiser, V6 Jeep GC with air bags – there’s plenty of options so no need to be disappointed.

    Personally I think it’s great and am waiting to test drive the Raptor. After doing 1.5 laps of Oz in a shorty 40 (inc Cape and CSR),half a lap in a 100’ petrol Kakadu, exploring NW WA in a Vitara, and doing plenty of family adventures in a DMAX, I’m really looking forward to this ute running the 2 litre. It will use bugger all fuel and will handle the roads I’ll travel again better than anything I’ve owned.

    As for towing big vans, I’d like to see mandatory education and training for any person who buys a caravan. A 500Nm/10 speed diesel will haul a big van no problem irrespective on ones thoughts. The problem is when an eastern stater wants to dance with huge road trains on narrow roads like the NW coastal highway in WA and the like. Add wind into the mix and we start seeing rolled caravans littered all up and down the coast. I’m all for caravaners, they spend big money on their travels and keep little towns open but, the industry has a responsibility to keep both themselves safe and other road users.

  • Here we go again, FORD , the transport inspectors will hate you as you will have so many ATM’s to sort out when towing a caravan! Trust me, the new Toyota Hi Lux’s have at least 3 different towing ATM’S, all this after the years of Prado/ Pajero hidden towing weights.

  • Give me my factory turbo 80 series any day. with a few mods like mine has they fly.
    It has diesel gas conversion fitted running 16lbs of boost, puts out 150kw and 475nm of
    pure grunt!!! And cost far less than the cost of a new 4×4. Great on fuel, plenty of power
    pulls my camper trailer with tinny on top no worries. A real 4×4.

  • “Ford aren’t going to put out an engine that would ruin there credibility.” – That’s what they said about the Ford Focus – AND GUESS WHAT!! They now have to replace, repair or refund something like 60,000 vehicles!!

    I drive the 2012 BT-50 with the 3.2L 5 cylinder – and it is awesome. If it came with the 10 speed gearbox rather than the 6 – then that would be “SOME VEHICLE!!” 1, 2nd and 3rd are all too sparse for towing up or down hills, but another couple would be just great.

    Now that Mazda and Ford have gone their separate ways – I just hope and pray that Mazda stay away from the Isuzu little 4 cylinder – Yes, I know it a truck motor, but that extra cylinder just adds more torque and grunt – WITHOUT GLUED ON TURBOS!!

  • Hope they come out with EGT (exhauste gas temperature ) gauges on them ,your going to need them. Seen to many 2L Turbo cars pulling vans sitting on the side of the road waiting to be towed away.

  • I hope they come out with EGT ( exhaust gas temperature) gauges,your going to need them if towing a van ect with that small engine. Seen to many blown turbo’s sitting beside the highway waiting to be towed away.

  • I wait for a test drive before I bag it out, driven the 2L Amarok and was really surprised by the power and drivability. At the end of the day we need engines that weigh less, make more power and have better economy. Old tech big engines fail on all 3 of these requirements. You may look back on that old 4.2L non turbo diesel with rose coloured glasses but lets face it, it was a gutless thirsty old boat anchor which needed servicing every second month!


  • Ford have lost me, I’d like a dual cab that could easily handle a 2.5- 3.0 tonne van without having to rev the guts out the thing to get moving. 2.0 litre even with twin turbos will struggle. I’m currently towing a 2.5 tonne van with a 200 series cruiser and when fully loaded, you certainly know your towing it. Imagine what the 2.0 engine will feel when loaded up?? Not for me.

  • It delivers peak torque (30Nm extra) at the same rpm as the 3.2L and with less lag. I would hardily call it a high revving 2L. I can’t imagine the same longevity as the old turboless mechanical injection but how well did they pull a big caravan up a hill on the highway compared to the new common rails? Not to mention, if people would stop driving them like they are a 1200kg hot hatch and dragging of a set of lights to get in front of the XR6 in the other lane, they might last a whole lot longer. Just because you have 50psi boost, doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time.

    • True Mate. I just bought one and while I have only towed around 1.5 ton so far, it did it easily and without using lots of revs. In fact I was surprised how well it holds high gears while going up hills. Keep in mind that the Bi Turbos has a steeper final drive and steeper overdrive than the old 3.2 !!

  • >ZED “Ford aren’t going to put out an engine that would ruin there credibility.”

    Precisely – that is Ford Management’s job! 🙂

  • I can’t wait for the Ranger Raptor to be released so i can test drive one. My 1990 F150 351w came out with 157kw of power aswell, and that gets along great. Not only does the Raptor come out with the same power, it deliveres it along a much broader rev range aswell and also pushes out 80nm of torque extra then my F150, making 500nm of torque. I think everyone will be very supprised how well the Ranger Raptor will get along with that power and torque across that wide rev range and coupled to the new brilliant 10 speed auto, it’s going to fly. So many people once they test drive it will be wanting one, i know i will. This set up being fitted to the 2019 Everest and Ranger models will be great aswell. With todays engine technology you don’t need big cubes for big power and reliability. Ford aren’t going to put out an engine that would ruin there credibility.

  • we are such a small market that no one is listening. We want larger capacity diesels that will do half a million Ks in five years towing off road trailers in the worst(best) conditions in the world

  • Don’t you love how the manufacturers dictate what the customer wants? Who wants a high revving 2.0ltr towing a boat or caravan and have to pay $75k!!

  • I agree. Constant 4×4 with a 10 speed transmission and diff locks front and back.

    Would also love to see air bag suspension like Toyota, jeep and landrover.

    Would make it easier to get into underground carparks, help with attaching a trailer and make for good fuel economy while on the tar.

    Throw in a 3 litre twin turbo and you’ve got yourself another sale.

    2 litre engines aren’t the best for heavy towing.

  • The fact they refer to it as a pick up shows a lack of understanding for local buyers and I cant see pushing a 2ltr engine hard with twin turbo’s will have a long life span! Wait and see I guess!

  • Dear Ford,

    If you’d kindly put a centre diff in the Ranger, I’m sure it’s AWD ability would aid it’s appeal immensely & I’d probably buy one. I still can’t believe you’ve made the Raptor part time 4×4.

    Though I suspect that the market for people who spend their life driving on gravel & off road is smaller than the market for those posing around the suburbs in a trouser compensating “truck”.

    • Matt

      Can someone tell me if the soon to be released ranger (September ) will have the Adblue in the 3.2 as per overseas and the Everest already sold here in Australia , if so I better buy the run out model

      • Just bought a XLT with biturbo and owned a navara v6 550 before that and I rekon it’s just as quick I’d like to have a drag with a navara v6 550 wouldnt be much in it. And so good on fuel

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