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Hema Explorer Version 3.0 Major Update

The wait is over, Hema have just released version 3.0 of their legendary Explorer app for iOS devices with the Android version soon to be released. Hema tell us this update has been the most significant since the app was first released, with many (many) additional services now available. This is a huge claim coming from Hema, who have been mapping Australia for over 20 years now.

The Explorer app is available for mobile devices, meaning travellers have up-to-date information at their fingertips, with the ability to zoom from an Australia-wide perspective to a scale of 1:150,000. When combined with the power of the Explorer App, version 3.0 provides tremendous amounts of detail. We’re talking the ability to find your nearest campsite, all the way to sourcing a 24 hour service station in your area thanks to over 40,000 interactive points of interest at your disposal.

For those wanting even more information, Hema has also released Explorer Pro for just $9.99 a month of $59.99 a year. This allows you to gain more detail in the maps, to a scale of 1:9000 anywhere in Australia. These incredibly detailed maps also include labelled track classifications to better guide you on off-road adventures. Explorer Pro users can also download State Topographic maps for NSW, QLD and Tasmania, with more States to be added in the near future. Explorer Pro users also receive premium features for planning and sharing trips online from their Hema Explorer cloud account.

CLICK HERE to check out this video which shows just some of the new features found in the Hema Explorer Version 3.0 App.

Hema Explorer version 3.0 is available from the iOS App Store, and Google Play for $49.99, and a subscription to Explorer Pro is $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year. For more information on the Hema Explorer App Version 3.0 visit:



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  • Hi All, I know how you all feel.
    I have the HN7 Hema and tried to update that before the warranty expired.
    Couldn’t get the update to work successfully no matter how I tried.
    Warranty expired, so I dropped the HN7 off at Hema’s headquarters in Brisbane.
    The cost was around $99-00 I was told.
    Not happy , but I said “go ahead”
    Silly me!!
    I wasn’t informed that $99-00 was only for the outback maps and did not include the city maps of Australia, which I was told I had to download separately from a different source ‘as they did not own the the software used. It was a 3rd party one had to deal with.
    Another EXTRA high cost per year.
    When you travel around Australia having access to the latest city maps is essential, as navigating through major cities is generally the hard parts of the trip.
    If Hema would have said that they could have done the complete GPS upgrade in one visit instead of one section I would have been happy to pay.
    But, their attitude was absolutely attrocious.
    It took 2 weeks to just upgrade the topographical maps , before being told, in no uncertain terms, lump it or leave it.
    Will never buy an overpriced Hema again, due to the fact, that their upgrade services are appalling and riddled with hidden costs, not to mention their no care attitude.
    You think that I am peeved, you betcha, along with a lot of other unhappy customers.

  • Hey Pat,
    It pretty much sounds to me that you’re in bed with Hema, or not doing your proper homework to provide an honest review of an app that I find so much wrong with in 98% of the reviews posted by disgruntled subscribers. Your review looks like a cut and paste job!!

  • The latest update to Hema Explorer V3.04 is a disaster with a lot of android devices – it crashes on loading
    Here is a reply from hema –
    Hi ?????
    We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Hema Explorer on your device. We want to empower travellers with the best possible app we can produce, so you having a bad experience with our app is something we want to rectify.
    Certain code within the app seems to be incompatible with the version of Android which is on your device, and unfortunately, we are not able to resolve these issues until further major development and a new version of the Hema Explorer app is able to be produced and released.
    While we don’t have a similar navigation solution to offer you while the app is not functioning on your device, we can offer you one of the following solutions:
    a) If you’re willing to wait until the newer version is available, we will give you one year free Pro version subscription commencing when the new version is released.
    b) We will give you a full refund of the app purchase price, in addition to giving you the newer version of the app for free upon its release.
    We do not have a definite date on which the new app will be available at this point in time.
    Please let us know how you would like to proceed.


  • I installed Explorer app in OCT16, & upgraded 2 Pro in app: however, app refused 2 recognise upgrade, & continued 2 ask me 2 upgrade, so I gave up, went on the road with my Hema HN7 purchased thru Westprint: at least HN7 works … in JAN17, I tackled the app, again: same result as OCT, so I bought Pro upgrade, again, made no difference … not only, but app does not recognise my login details … get a response that password is wrong & email instructing reset sent: 3 times the same response, 3 times no email …. sought help by emailing Hema: no response … deleted app, then reloaded from cloud, used my previous email address as new subscriber, told it’s registered, so used another email address (my boating email): sucress @ being registered, yet 2 effect upgrade 2 Pro in app upgrade : this is not a user friendly app from my experience, & customer support is yet to respond.

  • Ok so just got a reply from hema. Sorry, if you could no longer have use of satelite imagery for your programs. Would have been good if you informed your clients of this so we all wouldn’t get a bee in our bonnets.
    But your email still says the zoom is the same. I’ve gone to your help section on this with no luck. My Tracks in station country only zoom to 10 km and can’t get closer so my tracks are just a mess of coloured lines.
    Great update part where you can open and close map types is execelent. That is a great update

  • I am very disappointed with Hema, the new update took away many functions I paid for originally like zoom in on your maps and the ability to load satelite images for off line use. After all, Hema was supposed to be mapping for the remote areas.
    I feel that the latest update is like buying a a car and and them taking the wheels back after a while and saying you can have them back if you pay a monthly fee. Doesn’t seem right to me.
    You lost me as a client and many others are realy pi**ed off.
    This is not how you keep valued customers for without you would not exist. NOT HAPPY JAN!

  • I know you may be sponsored by HEMA, but I think it would be wise to let people know that if they update to the new 3.0, they will lose a lot of functionality that can only be restored by subscribing to a yearly fee. It seems quite dishonest by HEMA to sell a product for $30 as unlimited use, to then change this within an update.

  • Is there an additional cost for downloading HemaExplorer V3.0 for existing owners? I also notice that I originally paid around $35 for Hema Explorer for iPad and the current version is now nearly $50. I also have Hema Maps on my iPad, but I use Explorer exclusively now. It is just a much better product. I have yet to decide if I want to pay and additional $60 a year for a more detailed scale map when the initial advertising for this product “intimated” that by buying in you would get all scales as they became available.

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