New Hella Rallye 4000 LED released

Hella has just released the Rallye 4000 LED range.

If you’ve been around more than a few years, you’ll have heard of the Hella range of lighting products. Back in the strictly halogen days, they were up there with IPF and KC HiLites. For the last little while, Hella had gone fairly quiet, however, it has now released its latest light upgrade – the Hella Rallye 4000 LED.


The new LED version of the Rallye 4000 weighs in at just 2.7kg apiece, and features an all-metal housing with an IP67 and IP69K water and dust-proof rating. As with most LED lighting systems, these lights will work on both a 12V and 24V systems, while also offering over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection systems.

For beam options, the Rallye 4000s come in a pencil/spot beam, that will reach out to a claimed 1 lux at 1.3km with a spread beam that gets to 1 lux at 800m. This is quite an upgrade over Hella’s Rallye 4000 halogen option, with the older technology reaching 1 lux at 800m and 485m respectively.

For those with older halogen Hella Rallye 4000 lights, an LED upgrade insert is available, which upgrades both the optical element and the lighting technology to bring the older halogen lights up to the same specification as the new LED lights.

Hella is also offering up its new Luminator 3.0 driving light, which is more cost-focussed and is specced more toward urban environments. The lighting is derated a touch, which minimises glare from street signs and has less impact on oncoming vehicles, so light output doesn’t reach out as far as the Rallye 4000, which is optimised for longer distance remote touring. The Luminator 3.0 will deliver a claimed 1 lux at 600m spot/pencil beam and 1 lux at 440m for the spread-beam alternative.

Both the Hella Rallye 4000 LED and the Luminator 3.0 options are sold as single lights and with a three-year warranty.

RRP: $500 ea. – Rallye 4000 LED (both beam types); $395 ea. – Luminator 3.0 LED



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