New Zeal Lithium Batteries hit the market

New value-packed Zeal Lithium Batteries have been launched by two Aussie companies – BMPRO and Sealed Performance Batteries.

BMPRO, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of power management solutions, has collaborated with Australian family owned company Sealed Performance Batteries to introduce the new range of BMPRO Zeal lithium batteries.


The new Zeal lithium range of batteries is available in 100Ah and 200Ah capacities and they are positioned at the value-end of the market, retailing for just $999 and $1799 respectively. BMPRO adds that up to four batteries can be placed in parallel to create a large battery bank; this would ensure you always had plenty of power on tap to keep food fresh and beers cold (which we love here at, as well as charge all your 12V accessories and run an inverter. Another advantage of lithium batteries over traditional lead acid batteries is they are much lighter, which is an important consideration of you want to add extra batteries in parallel.


Zeal Lifepo4 200 Hero

Tested in BMPRO’s Australian facility, the company says the Zeal lithium range provides “a high degree of safety by utilising lightweight aluminium encased LiFePO4 prismatic cells, which are among the safest and most stable lithium cells available”. In addition, Zeal lithium batteries feature an integrated battery management system (BMS) that protects against overcharging and over-discharging, over-temperature and short-circuit events.

BMPRO is a manufacturer of lithium compatible battery chargers, battery management systems and other lithium compatible products, and as such the new Zeal range is completely compatible with BMPRO power management systems, including the company’s BatteryPlus35 and J35 units.

Zeal batteries are not just suitable for use in 4X4s, but also in RVs, caravans and camper trailers, as well as marine and other applications… and they are covered by a three-year warranty.

RRP: $999 (100Ah); $1799 (200Ah)


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