Problem campers force restrictions on Kimberley campsites

Yeeda Station
Yeeda Station Image credit: PeterWH. Via Wikimedia Commons.

A number of campsites at Yeeda Station, south of Derby in the Kimberley have had access restricted by the land owners.

The campsites are part of Yeeda Station, a running cattle station that processes up to 55,000 head of cattle per year. Up until recently, the landowners have graciously allowed campers uncontrolled access to a number of quiet, riverside spots.

But this freedom has been abused, with the landowners having to deal with rubbish, opened gates and cut fences. Typically, it’s that minority of 4WDers and campers that have no respect for the land that are causing these problems.

This is from the Yeeda Facebook page:

Yeeda Pastoral Company would like to confirm that Langes, Cuttings & Telegraph Pool are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. However any other areas you would like to access we ask that you could call into Willare Bridge Roadhouse or Broome office to give your details (Name, Phone number, Vehicle Registration) and how long you intend to stay. NO FEES will be charged.

Yeeda Station is a working cattle station and we are trying to get on top of the rubbish, cut fences, killers, equipment theft, vandalism, fires and open gates that we continuously deal with on our property.

Yeeda is private property and we would ask for it to be respected so that we can continue to allow access . We acknowledge that most people do the right thing but some don’t. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Those people who think it’s all fine to camp wherever they please, leave rubbish and trash the place before leaving are ruining it for everyone else. But how do you make the people accountable for their actions?

Instead of closing off those areas, which they are completely able to do, What Yeeda Station is doing is controlling and monitoring the access to these popular camping and fishing spots. You’ll have to report to them and make yourself known before going in, so you can’t hide behind anonymity.

It’s a shame that they are forced to do this, but we have lots of respect for Yeeda Station not simply closing off access completely, and punishing those who did no wrong at the same time.

What do you think? What is the best way to stop problem campers and 4WDers from ruining it for the rest of us?


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  • My own family and I love the simple joy of camping so much, that when we do camp, say in a national park etc. we generally like to leave the place cleaner than when we arrived. Slightly different problem, but last Christmas we ventured up to Inskip (Rainbow Beach area of Qld). This area is beautiful, overlooking the ocean. Often people leave beer cans, and even broken glass which I find so disturbing. On our last camping trip, we noticed a large group of young people just up from us that first appeared okay. As they night progressed and they hit the grog, the music began to roar, not nice music, but screaming ‘non’ music. They had also lit a fire on the beach which isn’t allowed. A couple of times, we gently spoke to them about the 10.00pm curfews, but if anything their music/behaviour just got worse – this is like now 3.00am in morning, I am a fair person, but found this just wrong. Rangers came around next day, and I told them everything. Rangers not happy, esp about fire on beach. Cut a long story short, Rangers fined them for the loud music, which other campers had also complained about (I think about $500 fine) – they told them that if they heard that they had harrassed other campers for putting them in, then they would face another big fine for the fire. Point is, campers themselves need to promote a culture that protects the bush against idiots. Nothing beats education; (why things are done like this; where dumping areas to dispose of rubbish are etc). If one sees someone do something wrong, does it hurt to politely say something. If this fails, dob the fools in. I guarantee in the case of the campers with loud music/ fire on beach, after getting fine, and a lengthy good talk from rangers, they might forever consider how they do things.

  • Yep great idea , get there credit card details as well so if not left clean grab some cash from there accounts, and make it a substantial amount , they are the one’s stuffing it up for the rest of us who are doing the right thing .

  • We have camped at tumblygridine {not sure if spelt right ] for many years a great spot we come from Mingenew . Have no gripe about checking in etc, even thought might be a charge, we have worked on stns in Kimberley Yeeda was one, and no what certain people can do, we will be there around last week in july, thanks regards Kay berry

  • I believe that what Yeeda Station is doing is the bare minimum that a private property should enforce.
    This will not only deter the offenders but also encourage the land owners to believe that the vast majority of us wish to protect this wonderful land of ours,and are thankful of the opportunity provided by the owners.

  • Unfortunately this very issue is rife around the country, absolute grubs who have no respect for other peoples property and leave it as they so fit. It is a privilege to access private property, so to those that don’t give a rats, I say stay at home and be a pig inside your own pen!!!!

  • Station on the west coast (forget the name) controls this a bit as you register and pay a deposit for a key, All camping areas are behind locked gates, The sites are checked on your departure and the money (credit card) refunded only if the site is clean and in good condition. Involves a lot more work for the property operators, so should be a fee paid regardless, and the deposit needs to be steep enough that people will actually clean up after themselves.

  • I don’t know how it can be fixed – the suggestion of cameras (above) is a start. Between Rockhampton and Yeppoon is a gorgeous area (Hedlow Creek) which is largely privately owned and up until the last couple years, able to be accessed and camped on. This is now all closed thanks to similar behaviour.

    Perhaps an open season on idiots might help?

  • Set up a couple of those solar wildlife cameras in the bush overlooking the campsites,and monitor the bad boys ,take regos,fix the damage and send the Bill to them!!

  • Unfortunately this happens everwhere and regeristing is the bestway to police it but it is terrible that it come to that.. .. . We experience a great spot to free camp between gundigi an Junee NSW . The actions of the group of guys that arrived really spoilt the peace and quiet with ripping around on a motor bike which was quite dangerous for the kids that were camping too .. There was no amenities at this site and these guys couldnt even bury their shit, it was disgusting and. on leaving they left their fire going. as they were leaving they were challenged and asked about the fire and stated they would be back of course they weren’t coming back.. On going over to put the fire out we could see that they left rubbish cans and broken bottles piled up in the fire and half a carcas from their fishing for crays. These guys appeared to be locals and we were appauled that this is how they treat such a great spot. Lucky for them they were too far away for the dash camera to see the plate and the phone number on the sign at the entry gate did not work so we were not able to report them. I feel appualed as well as there were cattle in the area moving around and leaving such a mess could cause injury to them also..

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