2019 Ford Ranger – What we know so far

BySam PurcellJune 21, 2017
2019 Ford Ranger – What we know so far

A bit of news has broken lately, about the upcoming replacement for the 2019 Ford Ranger. Some images have surfaced from car news outlets CarAdvice and Practical Motoring 4X4, who have nabbed some shots of camouflaged, development vehicles driving around.

The ‘T6 Platform’ PX Ranger was released in Australia back in 2011, replacing a fairly forgettable PK Ranger that was a mediocre seller. The PK isn’t a bad 4X4, and can these days be had for bugger-all money.

Ford PX Ranger

Ford PX Ranger

But there is no denying that the PX Ranger, a bigger, wider and American-er ute, took things to a new level for Ford. And these days, it is nothing short of a success story. In fact in 2017, it’s on track to take the biggest scalp there is out there: HiLux. In other words, the combination of size, comfort, technology and capability is a recipe that works.

See: Ford Ranger FX4

2019 looks to have the next instalment in this chapter for the Blue Oval. And it couldn’t be more important. 2WD ute sales have depleted, and the 4X4 ute segment, along with SUVs, are the driving force behind a positive Australian new car industry.

The 2017 Ford Ranger FX4

The 2017 Ford Ranger FX4

The 2019 Ford Ranger will enter a segment of the Australian market that will one the most competitive and onerous in the world. No, it’s not the biggest. But Australian ute buyers are seen by manufacturers as elite, much more demanding and challenging than anywhere else.

But, there is even more than that. The 2019 Ford Ranger is also taking on the rest of the world. Markets like the USA will have a taste of the Aussie-developed ute, and much will hinge on it’s success.

2019 Ford Ranger – what we know so far

There will be more tech

Stuff like autonomous emergency braking will be included in the 2019 Ranger, which will keep it ahead of the ute pack. Also expect stuff like more advanced parking sensors and sonar warnings, as well as 360-degree camera systems and finer-tuned traction aids.

It will look more American

That styling, loosely based upon the Ford F-150 will become more and more apparent. This will probably work well across two front, because it will bring it into line with the Ford range when it returns to the American market, and it makes sense as the development of the Ranger in Australia.

Ford Everest offroad

It will spawn the return of the Ford Bronco

A huge part of the success of the current Ranger is the fact that it’s developed and tested largely in Australia. Naturally, this works in Australia. But, the big challenge will come onto the world stage the Ranger/Bronco will be launch and competing in.

There will be a Ranger Raptor

There will be driveline changes (watts linkage, all-round discs) that will mimic the Ford Everest for better high-speed dynamics but will probably come with a reduction in payload capability. The Everest also doesn’t sport a tonne of rear-axle articulation, so will have to rely on locking differentials and traction control to maintain forward momentum.

The Ford Ranger Raptor will also no doubt have an aggressive presence, with big guards, decals galore and that grille. You know what I’m talking about.