Product Spotlight: GME TX3120S

ByEldon De CroosApril 4, 2014
Product Spotlight: GME TX3120S

Packing more features into a smaller unit, the diminutive new GME TX3120S is still 5 watts and packs a huge screen.


Generally speaking, as technology goes, things get smaller whilst staying just as good, if not better than their predecessor. Look at GME’s new UHF for a case in point. It’s still 5 watts, and still has a big LCD display (that has 170 degrees of viewability, mind you), but the UHF is much smaller than other models.

It still has the typical GME features of ScanSuite across the 80 channels, along with TurboScan (can do 80 channels in under two seconds) and autoskip (so you can blacklist those annoying channels).

Other features are:

ScanSuiteTM ‐ For uninterrupted conversations even on congested channels

Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management and Dynamic Volume Control

Dynamic speaker microphone Full spectrum backlighting CTCSS, DCS and Voice Inversion Scrambler for greater

privacy and less interruption

The reason I like this unit is that I like accessories and modifications to have an element of subtelty to them. If you can tuck a smaller unit away into one of the nooks and crannies of the cabin, it can keep the uncluttered feel whilst still having the toys.

The TX3120S retails for $299. For more information, go to www.gme.com.au