RAM 1500 EcoDiesel launches in Aus

'EcoDiesel', yet more thirsty than the petrol V8 variant?!

In what has been a patient waiting period for more than a few punters, the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel variant has launched in Australia.

The new 3.0-litre V6 diesel pushes out a respectable 179kW and 569Nm (at 2000 rpm no less), however, is only available in the top-tier Laramie version. Being the top-tier model, RAM Trucks Australia is asking $109,950 for the dual-cab ute, just on $10,000 more than for the V8 petrol Laramie, and a full $30,000 more than the base RAM 1500 Express V8 petrol.

Interestingly, the 3.0-litre V6 diesel uses more fuel than the 5.7-litre V8 petrol engine, due in part to the shorter diff ratios (3.92:1 in the diesel against 3.21:1 in the petrol), as well as the fuel-saving ability of the 5.7-litre to shut down cylinders when cruising, thus saving fuel.

Towing also takes a hit with the diesel model, with the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie only gaining a 3.5-tonne towing capacity, down from the 4.5-tonne seen across the V8 petrol variants. It only has a payload capacity of 735kg which again is down on its petrol-powered sibling. Where this is concerning, is that considering Australia’s love of dual-cab utes, for the price, it’s a fair whack above other mid-sized dual-cab utes with similar towing and payload capacities, and in some cases similar or better power figures. 

Worth noting too is that the Australian model released is based upon the 2018 US model, instead of the new 2020 model that is about to be launched in the States. Aside from having a diesel variant, many punters who have their hearts set on a RAM may well wait until the 2020 model lands on our shores. That said, Walkinshaw Automotive Group, who undertakes the conversion to right-hand-drive, have recently bumped production up to 24 hours a day to keep up with demand of the RAM Trucks.

The question remains for punters however: would you be willing to stump up over $100,000 for a V6 diesel dual-cab ute? Is the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel worth the money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Yep, it’s got AdBlue too!



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  • The media keep saying it’s the top spec, it isn’t, the Limited is the top spec in America. If you’re looking for towing and load carrying go the 2500 still not enough? Get a light rigid license and go the 3500.
    Check out patriot campers super tourer on YouTube for fuel consumption and load capacity details

  • One mite as well go to the GMC big V8 diesel motor better HP and toque figures better fuel economy nearly double the tow capacity with a pintel hook sorry ram but you is not up to the job at hand for such a big open country where towing large caravans or trailers is needed you failed yet again even on price the GMC would be a better buy

    • Couldn’t agree more Gary,
      As the owner of a 2016 PERFORMAX GMC 2500 Denali with the Duramax 6.6 TD as my daily drive, you couldn’t go past it, more economical than my 3ltr patrol wagon, tows our medium sized Van like its not there and “at the limit” not 20k under.
      One of the mates who just bought a brand new 200LC took it for a drive and when I told him I bought it locally and the cost etc he was kicking himself, “I thought they would be big slow slugs that didn’t handle, but its like an SS Commodore on super steroids.” was his comment.
      Again I just sat back and smirked, a bit like you do at these RAM 1500 drivers that wont look at you when you pull up along side them in a REAL tow vehicle.

  • Once again we get ripped off by company pricing. It seems this great country we continue to have to pay excessive prices.
    The old sales adage ‘’ its what the market will pay’’. Now our vehicle manufacturers are gone, we are at the mercy of money hungry companies an government.

  • Been waiting a while for this variant to come out. How disappointing 3.0 v6 pfft. Missed the Mark. Oh well lc200 here I co.e

  • I cannot understand why the LandCruiser with its 9 or more year old engine & the New RAM which has bigger engines in other models does not use the New Cummings 5Ltr twin turbo diesel as used on the new USA Nissan Titan. Even the New Patrol has gone V8 all be it not that economical.

    Considering that Nissan Toyota & RAM have a tie up with Cummings – This engine was especially developed for the European market, to have near zero emissions (for all the greenies) due to cities stopping Diesel Engines entering cities with -NOx & PM – hence the loss of engine sales ) This has far better fuel economy than any 3ltr to go with far more power.
    So It strikes me odd – that for a country like Oz – which is so vast, & hell bent on Diesel, why this engine is not used to replace the very ageing tractor motors of the Toyota V8 an in-efficient engine AND now in the new RAM 3L ?
    The specs can me seen at
    I am amazed that our Oz drivers still believe that a 3Ltr motor is the way to go thinking fuel economy and engine life, (until they do a towing trip) when a Economical V8 can do it all Effortlessly / Economically with less strain & Repairs on everything when setup correctly.
    Just goes to show we are all being led by what the “manufactures want to sell” – rather than what the customers really need. Weird eh

    • Apparently, the Cummins 5.0l V8 Turbo Diesel was being considered for the RAM 1500 but didn’t meet FCA’s requirements in terms of performance, economy nor emissions. Heard rumours is isn’t a particularly economical engine.

  • No I am over diesels and there expensive running cost I will be ordering the petrol model which has extra power for my towing needs

  • I can’t see them selling many of these lemons. More expensive and less capable, what a seriously backward step. I’ll stick to my old F250 with the 7.3l.

  • Buyer beware. Quick Google of the 3.0 ecodiesel will put off most educated punters…

    If it’s USA trucks with diesels people are after the small block RAM simply doesnt compete the V6 F150 or the big block Duramax or Cummins tech… Cab quality post conversion is another story…

  • I am not one to comment on things I read but seriously, this is such a failure, going from something great to something unattainable. A large truck with a woeful towing and hauling capacity, and then on top of that to use more fuel than a large V8 petrol, this diesel setup needs some serious rethinking. Back to a Ford for me.

  • Not paying more for less. I’ll be waiting on the new 2020 model and if they decide to rip us off and up the price, I’ll be taking my hard earned money elsewhere.

  • The only reason I would have considered a large vehicle like the Ram would be for towing large caravans and staying legal. I prefer diesels and wouldn’t consider a petrol engine. The new Ram diesel model is more likely to be over weight on the tow than a Ranger/BT50. Say 300kg ball weight, 2 passengers 150kg, Bullbar 100kg and canopy 120 which would be standard for most dual cabs would leave around 80kg for luggage, fridge and extra fuel etc. I am not sure what the GCM is? But it usually reduces the tow capacity if the vehicle is at its maximum GVM. I will be staying with the BT50 which is right on the limit of the 6 Tonne GCM. So much so that we go the Public weigh bridge before embarking on long trips.

  • Why would you pay over 100,000 for a small truck when you can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the same 3.0 Diesel engine. Also the Jeep is better on fuel as well. Same torque and same kw

  • And why? It cost’s more, uses more fuel, and has lower towing capacity and payload. Do you have to be as crazy as Trump to buy one. Roll on Hybrid petrol workhorses.

  • In these days of GVM GCM conscious people this RAM doesn’t measure up. Maybe a wake up call for Toyota to introduce the Tundra ASAP or give us the 200 series with the 4t towing as it comes with off the production line.

  • I was holding out for the diesel RAM as we’re a ‘one fuel’ farm now, but they’ve lost me on a few points. The ‘top of the line’ model is not what I need on a farm, and the lower towing capacity means I may as well just buy a ranger or amarok. Disappointing!

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