Recall: Even more Fords catching on fire

You may recall the recall (see what we did there) on the Ford Rangers late last year, and their ability to burst into flames when parked and used in long grass due to an accumulation of dead grass around the DPF and exhaust system. The list of recalled Ford vehicles has now grown from 59,000 to over 73,000. 

Despite the rather obvious implications of parking a vehicle in long grass, Ford Australia initially recalled 59,000 vehicles to have a underbody heat shield and deflector shield added to the Rangers to stave off the spontaneous combustion issues. With parts now available to be fitted, there has been another 14,000 vehicles added to the list, built between July 2016 and April 2018.

The closely related Mazda BT-50 has also been involved in the recall with 20,000 vehicles impacted.

For owners concerned about the recall, an updated list of the effected VIN’s can be found here, or by calling 1800 503 672.

The problem affects Rangers built between March 18 and April 11 this year and Everests built between March 16 and April 6, also this year.

Ford Australia is currently contacting owners of vehicles involved in the recall, advising them that parts are now available for reparation.

“Owners should contact their nearest Ford dealership to arrange for the installation of an exhaust heat shield on all affected vehicles, in addition, an underbody shield must be fitted on 4WD and 2WD vehicles with increased ride height (HiRider) to prevent grass accumulation.”

As we’ve said, parking in long grass is a rather easily avoided activity, to help minimise the risk of any vehicle bursting into flames, learn more about 4X4 grass fire risks here.

Now that the list of recalled Ford vehicles has now grown, make sure you head over to here and check to see if your vehicle has been impacted by the recall.

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