ByEldon De CroosMay 19, 2011

With Spiced Pumpkin and Snow Pea, Red Onion and Mint Salad


  • 1kg piece of Pork Belly with the skin on it
  • Piece of cinnamon stick, a few star anise and some sea salt
  • 200gm chopped pumpkin pieces
  • 100gm of Snow Peas
  • 1 Medium Red Onion
  • 150gm roughly chopped Carrot
  • 150gm roughly chopped Celery
  • 150gm roughly chopped Brown Onion
  • 2 gloves of crushed Garlic
  • 1 medium sized piece of Fresh Ginger – chopped
  • 1 Bouquet Garni
  • ½ bunch of Mint
  • 1.5 litres of Chicken Stock
  • 100ml dark Soy Sauce
  • 15ml of Fish Sauce
  • Pinch of Chinese Five Spice
  • Olive Oil
  • ½  a Fresh Lime
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Score the Pork Belly Skin with a sharp knife and rub in a mix of the crushed together Star Anise, Cinnamon and Sea Salt – rub well into the skin only, not the meat side.
  2. Toss the roughly chopped Carrot, Celery, Onion, Ginger and Garlic into an oiled camp oven, then place the pork – skin side up – on top of them.
  3. Mix together the Chicken Stock, Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce then pour into the camp oven – take care not pour it onto the skin of the pork.
  4. Pop the lid on and place it on hot coals – top and bottom – to cook for around an hour. Note: To prevent burning on the bottom, place the camp oven a little away for the fire and shovel coals around the bottom edge of it, with a shovel-full on top – not directly onto the coals.

Spiced Pumpkin:
While the pork is cooking, cook the diced/cubed Pumpkin by sauteing in a hot pan with some Olive Oil until cooked through. Dust with a little Salt, Pepper and Chinese Five Spice – set aside to serve with the pork.

Slice the Snow Peas and Red Onion and sprinkle in some shredded Mint Leaves. Dress it with some Olive Oil, squeeze over some Lime Juice and some Salt and Pepper to taste.

Serve the pork sliced diagonally, with the pumpkin and salad on the side.