Last month you would remember RV Daily launched the Practical Guide to Modern Towing series. Now, just one month later, the whole series has gone live, so you can binge watch the Practical Guide to Modern Towing complete series, absolutely free!

The complete series can be found here, which includes 12 episodes, of up to 16 minutes each. Pat, with John and Julie Eggenhuizen cover just about everything you’ll need to know on towing a van. From things like legal weights, choosing the right caravan or camper and appropriate tow vehicle, through to hardware, accessories, and how to safely load the big rig up. There are also episodes on storage, training courses, and appropriate power sources.

As most would be aware, there has been a fair amount of noise in the media recently on a push for the grey and not-so-grey nomads to hold a “towing license”. This series goes a long way to give you the tips and tricks most of us wouldn’t know, plus help keep you and your loved ones safe while on the trip of a lifetime.


So without further ado, jump over to the RV Daily: Practical Guide to Modern Towing complete series here, and get some of the best free knowledge out there!

Once you’ve had a look at the RV Daily: Practical Guide to Modern Towing complete series, let us know in the comments below what your thoughts on it are, and the tips you’ve picked up that you didn’t know!


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Bill Veitch

I cant open the post on towing. For some reason I only have audio & no video. can you help as I would like to view this post


I tried to open the video section on towing (this article) but it will not open and the screen times out


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