Social Media 4X4 App: 4X4 InDistress

ByWes WhitworthJuly 11, 2018
Social Media 4X4 App: 4X4 InDistress

With social media being so prolific these days, and essentially everything in this world having ‘an app for that’ it was only a matter of time until there was a social media app designed for use in the 4X4 world. Introducing: 4X4 InDistress.

The feed gives a place to put info, places, locations, and where you’re heading to.


Its a rather funky little app that works like many other social media platforms, except for one massive difference. If you happen to get bogged, stuck, ‘tractionally challenged’, or break something, you can send out a ping to other users in the area, with your location and some details about whats gone wrong. They can then answer you, see your location, and head out to give you a hand. Plus there is the obvious benefit of being able to head out and help those who need a hand, instead of needing to be on 14 different local Facebook ‘4X4 rescue’ pages, and not getting any info back and forward.

By mashing the top SOS button, you can call for help – this sends a notification to everyone within 30km too!

In the app you can see other users in your local area if you’re away from home and looking for tracks on holidays, you can share photos of what you’re up to and where you’ve pulled up stumps for the night, plus get ideas on places to go and locations to check out when you’re out and about.

Just like any of the major social media networks, you can add friends, put up an event, share photos and do the majority of stuff you’d usually do on social media. Think of 4X4 InDistress like a Facebook for Aussie off-roaders.

It’s like Facebook, but better!

The app is available on both Android and iOS, and you’ll find them on their respective app stores. The iOS version is here, and the Android version is here. Like any new app, there are updates coming hard and fast to squash any bugs, and make the app as user friendly as possible, with the team behind the 4X4 InDistress app taking as much feedback as they can get their hands on to keep making it better and better. So when you’ve got it, make sure you use the feedback button to help get this app as good as possible, as from what Pete Travers (the bloke behind the app) told us, the whole thing is made for four-wheel drivers, so feedback is crucial.