You could still buy a TD42 Patrol in Papua New Guinea, in 2016

It’s the engine that gets Australian 4WDers properly hot under the collar, as they stand around a popped bonnet nodding and humming positively. Sure, the ZD30 stopped popping pistons left-right-and-centre, but it still never came close to filling the void left by the TD42. And the VK56 V8 petrol has almost 300 delicious kilowatts, but it uses fuel like a 300kW petrol V8. Funny that. And not having a diesel option on a Nissan Patrol? Well, let’s just not go there.

The Nissan Patrol, with a TD42 under the bonnet.
The Nissan Patrol, with a TD42 under the bonnet.

Building a 4WD with a big diesel engine that is efficient and clean enough for the Australia market is a tough gig, no doubt. Tricky, but not impossible. Toyota has managed to pull it off, and reap the rewards with over 1,000 selling each month. Regardless of how good (and good value) the Patrol might be, it’s only shifting around 80 or so per month.

In other countries where old, rough, simple, slow and dirty engines are still good enough for sale, we can reminisce about the good ol’ days of 4WDing. Remember reading about the Toyota Bandeirante?  it was literally a brand new 40 Series LandCruiser, being available for sale in Brazil up until the early 2000’s. It was available with a Mercedes 3.7 and 4.0-litre diesel motor, before being replaced with Toyota’s own 3.7-litre 14B diesel. That is so cool.

I dearly wanted to write this story, and tell you that In Papua New Guinea, right now, literally 100 kilometres from the Australian mainland, you can still buy a Nissan GU Patrol with a TD42 engine and five-speed manual gearbox. The same vehicle, as far as we can tell, as what Nissan stopped selling in Australia back in 2006. People would love that.

When we saw this, we got rather excited

But unfortunately,it’s not the case. We found the 4.2-litre diesel Patrol for sale according to a website and got terribly excited. We then contacted a seller over in PNG, and he regrettably informed that that vehicle hasn’t been available for about 2 years.

The TD42 makes 114kW @ 3,600rpm, and 360Nm @ 2,000rpm. Not huge figures, especially by modern standards. But with this engine, it’s less about what it makes, and how it makes it. There is stacks of torque available off-idle, as soon as you drop the clutch. And it’s a largely mechanical engine, as well, with only an electronically controlled fuel pump being used in later years.

Not wanting to be defeated I was spurred on to look into LandCruisers. And I found 1HZ-powered 76, 78 and 79 Series LandCruisers for sale at a PNG Toyota dealer. Stay tuned, as we investigate prices and availability.

Imagine rocking up to a showroom in the 2000’s and buying one of these. Awesome.

Would you still buy a LandCruiser or Patrol with an old, underpowered 4.2 litre motor? Or are you from PNG? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Check out . This is the local toyota dealer in PNG. We still have the 4.2 straight diesel there in 2018 and its the best selling vehicle in PNG

  • Why can’t the vehicles be imported to Australia????????? Reliability in remote areas wins hands down every time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Pat,
    I was in South Africa April 2017.
    79 series cruisers on sale with 6 cylinder inline diesel/electronic pump.
    Brand new drive away from Toyota.

  • the family 60 series served us well into to 700k club until the rust well and truly set in and she was sold much to my horror being within two years of getting my licence i would still have her if it was my choice.
    only to be replaced with an 80 that has just clicked to 700k club as well only to though a bearing it was a no brainier to rebuild the motor the box and turbo are both still good i should see at least 300k or 1 mill kms total before a full drive line rebuild is required but its ride noise build quality is better than a 2014 mazda 3 with 60k on the electric screen thing

    between the 80 my 1962 holden panelvan and my ln106 hilux i cant see why id need to ever buy a (new) car if i cant make these three last my life time still in my 20s somethings wrong

  • Vale my GQ 4.2 auto with after-market turbo. Sadly totaled itself into a Victorian river after crossing the high Country (a long sad tale). Brother has 3.0L Prado diesel. We filled up in Canberra, sat near the speed limit to Jindabyne and refilled to within cents of each other. My 4.2 more heavily laden than his Prado. I miss the simplicity and reliability of the old girl and now drive a 3.0L GY auto which I simply cannot trust in remote areas with the risk of electronics failure or a belly full of dirty fuel. Simplicity, reliability, durability and torque rule.

  • Speaking of reliability, after getting rid of a 150 Prado after 280k and replaced engine and gearbox, what sort of mileage can you expect from modern diesels. I am coming to the conclusion modern petrol engines will outlast modern diesels. But in my mind if you have to service every 5k, that isn’t reliable, reliable is something that doesn’t have to have the arse serviced off it, particularly with modern synthetic oils. Would like to hear other opinions on modern diesels v 1HZ & TD42 ( I think the 4.5L Toymota V8 fits with modern diesels, not the old clunkers).

  • Has anyone stopped to think how good the y62 patrols actually are?
    No turbo problems, no high egts, no dpfs to worry about, intercoolers etc
    Payload kills a landcruiser 785kg. Gcm 7 ton,
    Huge inside and the fuel used towing is pretty much exactly the same as a cruiser.
    Plus the 30g you save will pay for 100,000kms worth of fuel.
    And don’t forget the power of course. Kills everything!

  • Hell yeah! One of each would be great. If u had to choose, I’d be torn! Mod cons of patrol our classic cruiser? Takes me back to my fj shorty. Ahhh, memories….

  • Yes I still have my old GQ 45.2TD Patrol Its a family member being in our household for 27 years and has in excess of 400,000 kliks on the clock. She is being used as a tractor, either towing the caravan or boat. She is never in a hurry but gets the job done every time. Sorry guys the new gear is shit no matter what brand name you put on it. Wouldn’t waste my money on any of it there is no such thing as a good four wheel drive vehicle anymore. I am positive that car manufacturers don’t care as long as the share holders are happy.
    Fill then full of crap and never mind endurance. None of them deserve my business.

  • Adding to my previous comment regarding my GU TD42. The only gripe is it’s restricted to towing 2.5 tonnes, so I sometimes wish I had the ultimate, being a GU TD42 which tows 3.5 tonne

  • I have a faithful 1997 GQ TD42 Aftermarket Turbo and inter-cooler running at 8 psi if I have to push it. 311000 klm. was always well loaded but had all the power needed. Exhaust brake worked great towing big van in Tassie mountains for four years. drive it according to the EGT gauge. Only occasionally jealous of the beaut v8 Cruisers. but glad I don’t have the cost of services and spares. Also knowing that a decent back-yarder can work on the TD42. Economy is competent with anything towing the same load
    Now in ‘Flat’ WA I have to rein it in a bit. Only time I touch the radiator is to change coolant, same with oil, Just have to keep it well serviced. Superb drive line even if a bit noisy at times.

  • There’s a company in Sydney that are swapping the 3.0 litre Patrol motor for a 4.5 litre 4 cylinder turbo Cummins diesel. When I can afford it, I will be going that way.

  • 280,000 kl and still as good as new. No troubles ever and serviced every 5,000 klms. Our “Big Car” that does all of the towing work. If it does the job, why upgrade? So glad that we didn’t waste our money on a common rail vehicle.

  • I love my TD42. Grouse truck ever so reliable. Stuff emission standards. Governments wreck everything. I will wait to see how my 200 series goes for reliability as well as longevity.

  • It was refreshing to drive the 79 series with the old straight 6 engine in PNG. The vehicle still had the hump in the bonnet minus the air intake slit. Best of all, front and rear track are the same which is a bonus in PNG mud. Being company supplied i had no idea of the price but hopefully they are cheaper than the LHD middle east imports.

  • I have seen many 4.2’s in my shed, and guess what they are ALL still in it! – one half a mill K’s and still going with regular services only!
    BTW no such thing as under powered 4.2; if you don’t have the skills to drive one don’t own one…go and play with the PS4 instead.

    Oilers forever….

  • Here’s a thought for all us lovers of the patrol with a 4.2. Is there any reason why we can’t import these workhorses to Aus or is there some other underlying reason for not bring them here. Eg: emissions control etc.
    I would be very keen to know.

  • Bugger I was off to book my ticket to PNG……….Oh well will just have to keep driving my 175kw 650nm GU TD42 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I am still driving my fathers HJ60 with the 2H diesel she is a work horse, properly serviced will last a life time no speed demon plenty of torque 10 to 11 litres per 100 kms depending on the tyres I am running and I smile every time I’m driving it !

  • In such a ruggedly challenging environment that is PNG, having a equally rugged engine is essential. Reliability can be the difference between life and death in the untamable terrain. With access to only poor fuel quality available to the grassroots, who reside in some of the most remote localities in the world, the hz and td42 reign king. The landcruiser is also considered the best vehicle for PNG. Everywhere you go there is a version of one driving around deep in the jungle from the 40 series to the 79. All in common? The “bulletproof” engine. Always i will chose reliable simplicity over the complicated and difficult to repair modern engine when broken down roadside on a remote ridge somewhere not on the beaten track. Former PNG national.

  • I have Nissan navara with the 3L v6 T diesel, 170kw 550nm torque -that in the patrol would be a great combination, seriously Nissan don’t have anything on market in any range or form , all other manufacturers have the market covered- patrol with 4 cylinder 3L gutless motor, navara with a pissy 4 cylinder- go Mercedes VW real 4×4’s 🤔😎

  • If you are a true four-wheel driver you want and need reliability 4.2and 1-Hz we will never see these engines ever again in reliability and strongly built with diesal engines. new common rail engines may have more torque and power but weak drivelines and engines only to last 200 -250 km and drop 40% in power and toque. these underpowered vehicles may have less but they get the job done better than more powerful 4x4s and leave a big pice of mined than new age four wheel drives off road not breaking drivelines and blowing engines when it comes to the real hard stuff and a work vehicle off road.


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