Tesla Model P concept art – and it looks awesome!

Image: Emre Husman

It seems that 2019 is going to be the year of EVs, with it being a talking point both within Aussie politics, and across the world stage – Great Wall are bringing an electric ute to market, and Toyota have confirmed we’ll have an electric HiLux within the next six years. Elon Musk shared a teaser image earlier this year of the front end of the Model P, and with more than a little excitement mounting an Istanbul-based designer, Emre Husman has offered up his own rendition of the Tesla Model P concept art.

Image: Emre Husman

Everyone (read: Elon Musk), has been incredibly tight-lipped about the new Tesla Pickup, except to say it’s going to be futuristic. The term ‘Cyber-Punk’ has been used in many tweets and releases from Tesla, with expectations the design will follow trends offered up in the movie Tron or Blade Runner. The design that we’ve seen so far from Tesla manages to give an aggressive wide look, yet a streamlined look with narrow panels and angles.

Image: Emre Husman

The official release for the Model P is set for later this year, with no specific date announced as yet. If the actual Tesla design looks even half as good as the Model P concept art from Emre Husmen, then we’re going to be in for something rather special!

Image: Emre Husman

The teaser image below, is the only real reveal of the Model P to date. The designs of the concept art we’re seeing still follow the same lines as we’ve seen in the real teaser, so the concept art could actually be pretty close to reality. At this stage, we’re not going to lie – we would happily carry around a generator and 80 litres of unleaded to be able to drive this thing across the Simmo!

Image: Tesla


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  • how about a Petrol or Diesel Motor, with electric motor, as it could charge itself, I can’t imagine being in the outback and running out of Power, with no backup

  • I can Honestly say Im a bit of a ZOG (live in the old times) But i cant let my view hold back technology. As much as I think electronics and advancement make things more complicated and unreliable. History proves it does get better eventually. we were pulling heads off cars and reseating valves at 50 000 miles or less in the day because they would burn out. 200hp was huge. now 400hp is your std v8 or turbo 6 and how could we live with less. The electric vehicle WILL be here shortly and the old technology will slowly fade out. You WILL be able to do the Simpson in your electric car. battery technologly is already there, and is improving. we WILL see electric cars burn due to faulty batteries. That will bring great discussion. Dont forget we have seen diesel and petrol cars burn in the past. I will still drive my olddiesel patrol and let the electric cars drive by. But I am from the last era of dinasours. I will be gone before they stop me from doing what I think is the greatest. But I will look at the future for my children and think what marvelous ideas the future beholds

  • What a piece of junk. It may be okay in the city,but honestly sitting in the middle of the Simpson desert on your but for half an hour while you recharge it from a generator, get real. Also what happens when you are tucked up in bed in your cosy city apartment and the power goes off overnight.
    Yes electric motors may be the way of the future but it is how we produce and store that electricity that is the question and it’s certainly not batteries.

    • Ken, no doubt U know everything, well according to U. If U had the brains and available tec that Tesla have U would know “engage brain before tongue”

      • Sorry Rod it is hydrogen that is the fuel of the future. Why do you think Toyota have a hydrogen fuel cell car called the Mira. Also they are investing millions in hydrogen technology at the old Altona production plant. What we don’t have yet is the infrastructure but that will come just look to Europe.

    • Completely agree, musk is the greatest con artiest there is. How is the government going to get the fuel tax. this is a joke on us if we go along with it.

  • Bring it on! Motors in hubs, no axles or prop shafts to limit articulation, avoiding obstacles by varying the power of each wheel to steer, regenerative braking allowing traditional anchors to last the life of the car. Amazing torque and fording ability all possible. Range? Well Great Wall claim about 500Km and European truck makers build for a range from 350 to over 600Km fully loaded and with a recharge time of 40min to two hours or more depending on the technology available. Electric trucks, mass produced will be on the roads in the EU by 2020!! Australia, well, we are at least 10years behind because of the lack of a proper, detailed energy policy.

  • Looks great. Can’t wait to take one pig shooting ,out west Queensland. Oops, I need a tray back not a styleside.

  • Bang, a nay sayer straight off the bat. Fair dinkum, there are people who post on here that, back in the day, would have taken one look at the wheel and continued on their drudging way, dragging their rock ladden log sled. Mumbling: log good, wheel dumb, break down in middle nowhere. Zog not like.

  • Put a diesel in it and you may have a chance- an off road electric 4×4 will work well in the middle off no where and in water NOT

    • Nope, leave it the way it is. Some advancements in technology aren’t a bad thing. What do you mean it won’t work in water? My electric pump works fine. Water sealant methodology has come a long way!

      • Well said Harry. 1 million plus clicks out of EV vehicles. No need for transfer case, less wear and tear parts. 10,000 NM torque. Engine braking and control like 4×4’s have never experienced.

    • You mustn’t have watched those videos of Model S’s going through a couple feet of water – that’s their sports car. I have a feeling wading depth will be fine. And the range is said to be about 600km which is suitable for most. For those that it isn’t suitable for, well they wouldn’t buy one.

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