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Upgrading the brakes on your 4X4

Terrain Tamer Episode 7
Terrain Tamer Episode 7

Why replace, when you can upgrade? That old adage really rings true when you start thinking about brakes. There are no downfalls, and you can restore braking performance lost to things like accessories and bigger tyres.

What’s involved? Let Allan and the team from Terrain Tamer give you an idea in their latest episode of Terrain Tamer MasterClass: Episode 7.



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Let me know when

Hi there
fun little video but I did see one thing there should have been talked about, or maybe I missed something. I saw one new caliber not two, and then they did the back as well. For people who don’t know they may think you can just replace on one side, but intact you always have to do the same to both sides.
anyway I liked the clip


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