Week 9 Competition Winner

BySarah LiendoOctober 27, 2017
Week 9 Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Week 9 Facebook competition. This week we wanted to see when things didn’t go to plan and you didn’t disappoint! Prizes for this week includes a ARB 4×4 Accessories Digital Tyre Inflator, Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Starter and Advanced Guides to 4WDing along with a Pat Pack and some other goodies such as a United Cellars gift card, with a total value of $399. Runners up receive a one year digital subscription and a $50 United Cellars Gift Card.

This weeks winner is…

Greg Nunn

“Chose the wrong line.”

Runners up:

Christopher Wilson

“This is how the bull bar ended up under the D22 between Tibooburra and Inaminka. Shorted out the battery and set the engine bay alight. Thankfully early next morning some guys from Horsham came past, the first for 12 hours, one was an auto electrician and one a mechanic and with me and their mates we lifted the D22 up off the bull bar, did some re wiring to the second battery which enabled us to limp back to Tibooburra its the assistance of the local copper. I can tell you when you see a bull bar coming across your bonnet you life flashes in front of you very quickly. The winch rope is what saved us.”

David Gosnold

“Started getting warm (due to mud blocking airflow) so parked her up 15ks from home with every intention to come back in the morning with car trailer got a phone call 5hrs later from the police saying she had been found torched and bull bar stolen.”

Tim Beevor

“Dark + wet + rutted + gravity = action time”

Notable mentions:

Daniel McGettigan

“Stumbled across this fella hitting the tracks”

To view the video (which we highly recommend), click here.

Rhys Maylam

“Tried to go fishing, ended up in this 12 hour recovery marathon. Port Hedland, WA.”

Stephen Madden

“West of Alice Springs in the wet season. Stuck on the road to the Red Bank Gorge. We were intending to camp there as the Finke was running high and fast and impassable. Ditched the van for the night and got the car out first as there was a thunderstorm west of us. Some 22 hours later we had the car and trailer back on the right side. It was one of the best family bonding experiences ever!”

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