4X4 News: Proposed new fees for Cape York

The ABC has reported that there are current discussions for introducing a new cost for tourists visiting the Cape York Peninsula.

Members of the Apudthama Land Trust are looking to add a $100 per vehicle cost for visiting the northernmost point of Australia, which is in addition to ferry, river crossing and National Parks fees. This is being put forward to help fund management of the country, which in incredibly popular with 4X4 visitors during peak season.

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Facebook is filling up with both sides of the argument from locals and tourists alike. Many believe the fee is justified, considering the impact of its popularity on the land, where others see it as a simple milking of money from those wanting to tick it off the bucket list.

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  • I’ve done a lot of out back travel and enjoyed it but
    I get really annoyed when I have to buy a permit to travel on a corragated dirt road so if they want to put these prices on traveling then do some maintanance on them like long drops or shelters but don,t just take all the time give the traveler a little bit plz we don;t own the bank

  • How about the City charging a fee to the “owners” of the land , which they never looked after anyway except to burn it, when they want to visit the City and use it’s services , facilities and entertainment. Isn’t there a One Australia culture anymore or do we HAVE to divide it into 100’s of little kingdoms. There are other ways to ethically make money than to put a gate on the road(s) and charge travelers for passing. Unfortunately I can only see this as a money grabbing objective. Did the ‘owners” put the roads in? It is dividing Australia. but the other way around this time. You can shoot me down

  • I refused to go to the top years ago when the ferry people excavated out the Jardene river crossing so that you had to use the ferry. Not sure but i heard that the ferry fee was then spent in the pub by the locals and not to the betterment of the majority of locals. Dose this still happen or is the money allocated to the improvement of the areas now.
    Yes I think that if this fee is introduced it will cut the amount of tourist heading north therefore wont have the tourist dollars spent in the area .

    The wealthy will probably still go but the average person will certainly think twice before they spend 100s of dollars to travel on this section of the country and go elsewhere.

    I traveled most of this great country before all the fees were introduced and thoroughly enjoyed places like Gunbarrell highway Simpson desert Gibb river road throughout the snowy mountains ect ect. I could not afford to go to these places today because of the high fees introduced to a lot of the places.

  • While many people will see this as a money grab, I am not apposed to a fee increase.My family & I are planning our trip for july this year & whilst this would add to our costs , if I’m lucky I might get to the top once or twice in my lifetime so its a small price to pay in my opinion. With the increased numbers flocking to the top there has to be a major increase in maintaining the roads that most will take, not to mention the environmental impact.
    In this day an age where people are happy to pay $1000 plus ,a week for a gold coast holiday , we can’t really winge about a couple hundred dollars more to see something that may not be there to access in a generation or two. The reality is a trip of a lifetime can’t really have a dollar value put on it. If you’re too tight, stay home and watch the footy with a cartoon , meanwhile I’ll be living life at the tip celebrating my freedom to travel.
    Cheers Mick

  • Whilst crossing the Jardine by ferry adds to the feel of going somewhere special if there was a one way bridge built in a way that could still provide a unique crossing point.
    Income and employment could be preserved by collecting the suggested fee on north bound traffic to replace the ferry charges and provide a better facility and safer access for the locals as well.

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