Ford Ranger and Everest Recall for steering shaft

Ford Everest offroad

Ford Australia have issued a recall for certain Everest and Ranger models.


The defect is a weld on the intermediate steering column shaft that may not meet standards, consequently a failure could cause loss of steering and thus increased risk of accident or injury.

Ford Australia will write to owners of affected vehicles, or owners can contact their Ford dealer to book in an inspection. If the weld doesn’t pass muster, the steering shaft will get replaced.

Vehicles affected by this recall include Everests built from March 16, 2018 to April 6, 2018, and Rangers built from March 18, 2018 through April 11, 2018.

Ford Everest is a great family 4WD, keep your family safe and get your steering inspected.
Ford Everest is a great family 4WD, keep your family safe and get your steering inspected.
More information:

Check out the ACCC recall notice here to see if your Ranger or Everest is affected, and let your  Ford 4X4 driving mates know by sharing this post!


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  • Anyone who has worked in the manufacturing industry knows that sometimes any machine can play up, even the machines that make machines. I believe the weld issue was only over a month of production. Who knows…. maybe the welding machine was slowly on it’s way out before it went “BANG”…. unfortunately you get that, and this where companies take precausions so this doesn’t happen again. Then QA kicks in and trace back through data to find out which vehicles were possibly effected by the malfunctioning machine. It’s possible only three days out of that month were effected.
    Also the exhaust burning grass, this is being blown way out of proportion. I remember my father back in 1983 buying a new people mover, back then they warned about parking in long grass. People bag out Ford for this…. at least their DPF doesn’t fail prematurely and owners have to pay thousands of dallars to replace it. Besides what about after market exhaust companies, they always tell you not to worry about heat shields when they replace exhsusts, can’t see mufflers replacement companies doing a recall if their customer’s cars caught on fire. Ford have realised the issue and promptly acted on it as fast as they could. People don’t realise the R&D and testing going into an item like this, if it fails they look really bad. There are so many different variables they must considern, design, make then test before some engineer signs off on this type of safety device. Some companies would take years, but they issued specific warnings and recommended preventative measures in the short term. Now supplying a fix, i think this shows how committed Ford really are at customer safety. Not all vehicles are unbreakable like they think they are. Thanks

  • Why do only the complainers make so much noise. Not to say they havent got a real gripe. I have had 5 fords over the years with great support and reliability. Also had 2 toyotas not very reliable mostly engine managemnet support was also ok.
    Face facts car companies are all in the same group not here to be your friend so if you want them all to go under you have a self defeating view. Buy a push bike.

  • Even as I sit here and write this, my neighbour across the road has his Mazda Tribute sitting on the front lawn. It came home on a truck. It just stopped. Has only done 150K. No one knows what the problem is. The OBD did not store any defaults. Looking at Google, it is a common problem and all a Mazda (Ford Escape) dealer can do is start replacing very expensive things. Some people have tried that and spent thousands only to have the car given away to a wrecker. It looks like my neighbour is about to find out the hard way. So far, two experienced mechanics have looked at the car to no avail. Modern cars…..rubbish. And the makers are not interested…………….

  • Why am I not surprised. Typical Ford. I hope this company goes down the sewer. These ‘Bs’ cost my daughter thousands of dollars as she was one of the thousands that purchased one of those Focus’s that has been fitted with the DSG gear boxes. If that wasn’t bad enough the power steering and heater core both crapped themselves just outside of warranty. Didn’t matter to Ford that she had had it serviced at the Ford dealer on time every time. Luckily I’m a very cashed up grey nomad and bought her a new car made in Korea , read Hyundai Tucson. When I recently updated my GU Patrol I thought about a Ford Ranger for about a nano second then went down to the Isuzu dealer with bulging pockets. DMax, what a fantastic 4X4. Ford, you gotta learn to look after your customers.