Hymer VisionVenture Concept revealed

ByIsaac BoberSeptember 3, 2019
Hymer VisionVenture Concept revealed

The Hymer VisionVenture Concept was revealed this week at the Caravan Show at Dusseldorf with the company boasting it creates a ‘new motorhome category’.

It’s not often a motorhome catches our attention, but the Hymer VisionVenture has definitely done that. Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the VisionVenture Concept was revealed this week at the Caravan Show at Dusseldorf in Germany.

According to Hymer, the concept “has created a new motorhome category all of its own, replacing precise contours with harmonious transitions between cab and body,” or whatever that means. The front end has been carried over, but the concept gets a new, raked windscreen with the A-pillar, bonnet and rooflight redesigned. Interestingly, the wheel arches and some body panels have been produced using a 3D printer, which Hymer said makes them both light and strong.

Hymer VisionVenture concept

But it’s the paintwork that’s the real headline grabber, see the paint, developed by BASF and featuring something called Chromacool, can actually regulate the motorhome body’s temperature. Indeed, the paint can allegedly reduce the surface temperature by a staggering 20-degrees C and that of the interior by up to four-degrees Celsius.The roof of the VisionVenture is fitted with an inflatable pop-top roof with honeycomb outer walls nearly seven-centimetres thick; the walls can be inflated with heated or cooled air in under  a minute. The roof is fitted with solar panels.

Hymer VisionVenture concept

The interior of the Visionventure was designed with the help of Studio SYN and is based, the company said, on DIY conversions of Sprinters in Europe. An annex hangs off the tailgate and features a pull-out electric barbecue. “The kitchen in the interior is integrated into a unique, space-saving stepped structure leading to the “bedroom”. The large, LED-illuminated steps are reminiscent of the staircase in a house and provide extra interior storage space. The integrated cupboards occupy the full depth of the steps, incorporating a yacht-style drawer refrigerator that can be easily loaded from above,” Hymer said.

According to Hymer, “The side wall unfolds to allow the washbasin to be moved aside, leaving space for a generous shower cubicle with rain shower function. The luxurious look of the bathroom is further enhanced by using natural stone”. This natural stone is another BASF creation, called Veneo Slate and is a mixture of slate and plastic, measures just one-millimetre thick and is thus light and bendable. “In keeping with this design, the concrete floor of the living area extends into the bathroom so that everything is level, without the conventional shower tray.”

According to Christian Bauer, President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG, “Innovation has always been part of Hymer’s DNA, and the concept car VisionVenture is our take on modern van life. A major source of inspiration for this project was the camper community, who have given us new impetus with their creative ideas and DIY conversions. Thanks to the material expertise and technical know-how of BASF, we have managed to put this into practice in a highly realistic concept vehicle. We are confident that we will be able to introduce some elements from this array of innovative and extremely customer-friendly solutions into series production in the not too distant future”.

Question: What do you think, would you like to see the Hymer VentureVision Concept become a production reality?