Introducing: The Oricom DTX4200 dual receive UHF CB radio

It seems that with the release of the DTX4200 from the folks over at Oricom, the days of needing to run two UHF’s (one on the highway channel, and one for your convoy) are over. The Australian first design of ‘dual receive’ is yet another step with Oricom making comms just that much easier for punters travelling our incredible country.

Essentially how the new features work, is that you can receive and listen in to two different channels simultaneously, without compromising regular features we’ve all come to expect out of a UHF and without needing to work out which radio is broadcasting. A quick glance at the hand-piece and you’ll know exactly who’s saying what!

The DTX4200 unit itself is a tuck-away design, for when space is at a premium, and you don’t want your knees bashing on a huge UHF under the dash. The unit is made from a tough as nails die-cast metal chassis, is IP54 dust and splash resistant, will work on 12 or 24 volt systems, and can have 3 groups of up to 16 channels programmed into it. Plus, it also comes with a 2m microphone extension cable, slide in bracket mount and all mounting hardware. It’s got a 3.5mm external jack too for an external speaker or PA adaptor and is covered with a full 5-year warranty.

“We are receiving a very positive reception to this radio”, said Oricom’s Managing Director, Kevin McDonnell, “it’s the result of extensive consultation and rigorous testing, and this radio will change the way users look at their UHF CB communications equipment.”


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  • Can the unit scan whilst still communicating on a channel i.e. talking and recieving on channel 20 whilst scaning and recieving the 79 channels?

    • Hi Ian, thanks for the message. We think the concept is fantastic too! The unit has an RRP of $449, however if you find your local stockist on the website, you may find a local dealer that has the unit at a fantastic special price. All the best, Oricom.

      • Hi there, thanks for the message. Actually, the Oricom DTX4200 utilises Dual Receive technology, an Australian first, which allows you to simultaneously listen to two channels at the same time. This is not available on the Uniden. The Dual Watch feature is not the same as dual receive, as the Oricom DTX4200 allows you to listen to the audio on two channels at the same time. This essentially means you can listen to safety and condition updates on one channel, while listening to the banter of the convoy on the other. All the best, Oricom

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