Ranger Raptor Pricing: $74,990

The 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Pricing revealed. What's your verdict?
The 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Pricing revealed. What's your verdict?

Ford have lifted the veil on their go-fast Ranger Raptor pricing: $74,990. This is considerably lower than the many rumours that had been floating around, pinging it around $14,000 more than a Ranger Wildtrak.

What do you think about this price? Too high, or on the money? Let us know in the comments below.

Naturally, this price is still right at the top end of 4WD ute land. Imagine asking something three-quarters of a hundred grand for a ute ten years ago… they would probably punch you, or laugh. Or both.

A widened track and trick suspension is key to the Ranger Raptor's appeal.
A widened track and trick suspension is key to the Ranger Raptor’s appeal. And 33″ rubber!

That’s not the case nowadays; the ute segment is moving more and more upmarket at a dizzying pace. Volkswagen’s V6 Amarok Ultimate currently has the biggest price tag of them all, with a price just below $70,000. This will no doubt be challenged by Mercedes’ own V6 X-Class, coming later in the year. Holden’s Colorado SportsCat will also be around the $70,000 mark.

So, it’s price is up there. But we reckon it’s not stratospheric. And when you look at some of the parts that Ford have bolted onto the Raptor, it’s actually fairly reasonable. Compared to the many limited-edition utes with some special bolt-ons and decals, the Ranger Raptor does come with some serious engineering under the skin for proper-go fast (and low-range) capability. That skin is modified for a new look, and accommodating a much wider track that the Raptor gets over a garden-variety Ranger. The track is widened through some fairly extensive chassis and suspension modifications: cast and forged aluminium arms up the front, and a Watts-Linkage coil-sprung rear end.

The engine is a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel four-banger, making 157kW and 500Nm. To improve the performance from a relatively small engine, it’s running through a 10-speed gearbox that will be able to let the engine run at peak performance more often than not.

This is Ford's latest diesel engine, called "EcoBlue'. Low capacity, high-revving and two turbos. And you can expect SCR technology (AdBlue) as well.
This is Ford’s latest diesel engine, called “EcoBlue’. Low capacity, high-revving and two turbos. And you can expect SCR technology (AdBlue) as well.

One of the biggest deals is the suspension, and the shock absorbers in particular: specially developed Fox Racing units with an internal floating piston, internal bypass and a fairly monstrous 46.6mm diameter. Plus, these shocks are controlling 285/70 R17 BF Goodrich All-terrain tyres. Proper 33″ rubber off the showroom floor? Let me kiss the feet of the gods.

There is also some special eclectrickery appearing on the Ranger Raptor: Terrain Management System (TMS) that tweaks up the way the vehicle drives according to the terrains. It’s already been floating around on the Everest, but like the suspension, it has been specially tweaked for the Ranger Raptor. Modes include Normal, Sport,  Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Sand, Rock and Baja.

When is it available? The date isn’t set in stone yet, but it will be 2018. Stay tuned.


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  • Lots of people missed the point with this one as they did with tow tests on the NP300 Navara. The coil spring rear end is a clear give away that this ute is not aimed at people wanting a tow vehicle and not ever one that owns a ute wants to tow. I see people spending thousands on fox suspension, coil spring conversions and big wheels and tyres for off roading every day with their current model rangers easily breaking the $75k with accessories. This has all that standard so it’s not really a far cry from what a lot of Aussie buyers actually want. It will be sold along side cheaper leaf spring versions that all the nomads will still be able buy so everyone can keep their pants on, nobody will be forcing the raptor down your throat. Not so sure about the 2.0l motor but I guess we can all sleep better at night knowing our 4wds can now run on kitten farts, tofu and lentils.

  • Has Ford done a proper towing test , like hook on a 3 tonne full size van and tow it across the Nullabor into an oncoming wind at 80 klm / hr ?????
    The result would be over 20 L / 100 klms and you would be back to 6 th gear !!!
    Grey Nomads want a vehicle that is value for money , reasonable fuel consumption and with longevity in mind .
    The Raptor may have a lot of technical improvements and be very capable as an off road vehicle , but towing may be the problem !!

  • High price / Small diesel / Reduced towing capacity.
    Ok, that knocks out most of the prospective market.
    LC200 4.5 Ltr TT Diesel now looks even better.

  • I’d buy two ok I think the price is right I’d buy the f-150 Raptor as with you guys have idea research what’s coming ik

  • Pity about the four cylinder two litre. You keep wanting to hand the market back to toyota? When will you guys ever listen to the demands and likings of the australian 4wd market??

  • well who ever thought we would pay that sort of money for a ute. think we are all being taken for a ride up the garden path..not that i like mitsu ute but i can buy two for the price of one of these plus a pretty good warranty.just because something becomes popular doesent me we should be ripped off . think before you buy because that 70 thousand isnt going to be worth too much in another 3 to 4 years.

  • Another 4×4 made for the city school run, 2ltr motor, how long would it last towing a caravan of any size. Ford and other 4×4 manufactures should wake up, we want 5 or 6 cylinder engines that do not have to work as hard to get the job done. Also for 74k I would definitely look at spending little more and get a proper 4wd that would last eg; Toyota Landcruiser or VW Amarok V6. This vehicle is an insult 4wd drive users.

  • Awesome racing suspension : Yes
    Enough power : No.
    Enough fuel capacity : No.
    Proper All Wheel Drive : No.
    Adequate towing/carrying capacity : No.
    Priced appropriately : Hell no.
    Big warranty to cover over stressed & undersized engine : No.
    Another Toorak Tractor to be seen glinting on school and soccer runs : Sadly, yes.

  • It looks nice, but after having recently got rid of my Everest after ongoing intermittent ECU problems throwing up errors on the diff lock, AdBlue and Terrain Management System, I am now a bit shy of the trickery bits on Fords.

  • Way to much money for a 2.0 litre, For a good all round 4×4 you need a 3.0 Liter or bigger.
    All the front running sellers all have at least a 2.8 lt or bigger.
    So no thanks

  • In the end it’s a Ford for 75k. No thanks. Toyota or VW is a much better option. I’d rather spend the same on a 5 year old land cruiser than waste my money on an American make

  • Lots of comments you buy the vehicle to do a job ! Want to tow get a 3.2 ,GREAT want a bit of show and go,GREAT buy this! We are in the age of horses for coarses excuse the pun. Re member speed limits kill its potential anyway i would think
    Ps be nice parked beside the 3.2 in my garage

  • Great city ute to drive to the office HAHAHA . For the country people (farmers) and tradies and travelers they all need a good power plant under the bonnet I think they forget how big this country is . Most people are driving big KM’S don’t think the 2LT well be cost effective ford are so out of touch and the price is a joke

  • I’ve been following the Raptor since it was just a rumour. The pricing is about where I thought it would be. The Raptor in my mind is not aimed at tradies, nor grey nomads, nor even the soccer mums. It is aimed fairly and squarely at the show pony market. So it won’t be towing, won’t be loaded up and probably won’t even go off road much, which is a shame, because it looks like it will be fairly capable off road.

    The Rangers are a great vehicle, we’ve got 8 in the fleet at work, some of which do 75,000 kms a year and don’t give any trouble. The XLTs with tech pack are fantastic: I’ll get one on a novated lease when my current model Triton is due for replacement.

  • Over the top , could you imagine what i could do to a D Max for 30k !
    Anyone comparing it to a 79series cruiser has no idea , completely different vehicle .

  • Would prefer it to be like the U.S Ford Raptor (F150 with High-Output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine).
    To make it able to tow large Caravans and Trailers / Boats and actually has a Electronic 10-speed Transmission with Tow/Haul Mode.

  • That makes it a very expensive vehicle, especially after the engine swap to replace it with something with eight cylinders or at a pinch supercharged V6.
    For a little extra you could get a F150 Raptor.

  • When I started reading this review and it said a 2.0 litre turbo
    I said to myself WTF

  • Well for towing I would recommend 79 series dualcab
    For that price 79 series dualcab
    For comfort raptor
    For resale 79 series
    For reliability 79 series
    For road manners raptor
    For shopping or school runs raptor
    For a proven real off roader 79 series
    Landcruiser wins in my books but for those mall crawler show ponies or soccer mums this might be ok.

  • How about a proper road test towing a heavy tandem trailer, rough roads/dirt. Not flogging it over sand dunes empty like a Finke race. Then we will see how good this little motor is.

  • Starting to get out of hand prices of any model ute. After all that are only utes, most have only basic suspension and brakes, is this and the others priced around the 60 to 80K make hitting luxury car tax.

    Makes the Landcruiser look cheap

  • Hello Mr Ford. Come on the Raptor might be good for Ford in there dreams but the PRICE is far to high for just bigger wheels and only a 2 lit donk, bring back the 2.7 TD Territory great vehicle and strong V6 Deisel

  • Heard a whisper that due to being built in Asia, they are using sub standard wiring looms in the Rangers. If the Raptor is coming from the same factory then it’s possible the same thing will go into the Raptors. This of course is all in the name of cutting costs to maximise profits, forget about the safety of the customer just so long as Ford keep making money. This info came from a local dealer’s auto electrician who has to fix them regularly.

  • Bit of a joke if the towing capacity is only 2.5t and havn’t they learnt from Nissan that coils on the rear are no good for loads or towing

  • Pricing way over the top. Does it have ERG or does it use AddBlue. How long will it last 500,000? When will manufacturer’s use Catch Cans to save on the exorbanent cost of cleaning out the air intake of carbon?

  • I was about to upgrade my 2010 Ranger only 100,000 Km but that $74,000 price tag for the Raptor and only 2 Lt power Plant, when its time I will put a new Engine or Rebuild in my perfectly comfortable 2010 Model to pull my Caravan around Australia. I am not a yuppy so need to be seen in the latest ute

  • Holy dooly ford you got a lot of cheek an a long way from land cruiser with a 2 lt peice of puss that will just last the warranty . A real city looker

  • May have some good points but as a tow vehicle for a caravan not in the race and the price is way over the top. For caravanning leave springs are preferred and a reasonable size capacity motor. A tow capacity of 2.5t does not do it any favours either.

  • The way of the future. I think the Raptor is far superior to the run of the mill so called 4X4 utes sold in Aust. Just look at the suspension, brakes and AT tyres etc – no leaf springs, drum brakes or HT tyres. This leaves the current crop of 4×4 utes with bling black panels and stick on’s that need $$s to bring them up to some form of 4×4 / towing standard. The big tow vehicles are now coming into Aus and are also a welcome addition to meet a need that some vehicles have ‘tried’ to fill.

  • Problem……its a Fraud! lol

    Like all good looking rubbish Ford produce… lets wait and see when all the problems emerge in the real world.

  • I just remembered what all Ford executives should read. Their own boss Lee Iacocca wrote in the 60’s, ” we need to make the cars that buyers want, not the cars that we want to make”. Timely reading if Ford doesn’t want a white elephant on their hands.

  • There is no way we should be asked to pay $74,000 for a 2 litre power plant. No good for towing or longevity. Ford’s huge margin is trying to pay for its poor market share for their other products.

  • Is it now worth asking the Federal Government to drop the motor vehicle import tax. The cost to a business purchasing these vehicles only ends up costing the end consumer.

  • Yes let put a big petrol V8 in it and it will sell like hotcakes just like the new Nissan Patrol petrol V8, oh thats right they had to reduce the price significantly to be able to sell them in Australia haha. This ute is NOT made for grey normads, why don’t people understand it? Let’s see some Australian reviews before you all say what it can and cannot do.

  • No too pricey. Jeep ute coming soon and priced less. The average family man has no hope of paying that much let alone anyone else. As for the motor “What were they thinking” I think everyone has been waiting for something with power. Again the States get big things and OZ cops the little trucks.

  • How stupid — having a 2.0 litre engine, for that price, no matter how much power & torque that it develops. It will be highly stressed, so shortening its longevity, a trait to which diesel buyers look when buying. And what about towing? No mention of that capacity as yet? Even the 3.6 litre petrol donk from the USA Raptor could be better! 338 kW and 691 nM; or just convert the USA Raptor.

  • most people want to tow heavy things with low revs and big torque engines sorry but 2ltr half the size it should be for the car and to expensive plus ad on some extras roobars ect easily ads another 10 to 15k I will stick with my 3.2 ranger

  • 2 litre engine hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahah

  • These manufacturers are using small capacity engines to power bigger trucks and it just does not work. what happens when that poor little engine is used at 80% capacity like a builder or plumber towing a trailer. The engine gives trouble and costs a fortune to repair. Come one manufacturers cubic capacity is the key to longevity. Look at isuzu full size trucks using a big engine detuned to reduce emissions and no adblue.

  • It looks great, but I think at that cost the buyer will also want to tow and I am not sure a 2 litre high tech diesel will have the goods in the long term. Pricing, I agree it deserves to be up there for it’s looks, but it is still only a dual cab ute and I suspect it is 10k over the top.

  • 74K for a twin cab with two coke cans strapped onto the sides of a milk carton
    yep rip off the aussie motorists again. good one ford
    like the g wagon
    over priced and over here
    give me a xr 6 or 8 donk under the lid and i’ll be in like bloody flynn

  • The proof will be in the reliability. Will you drive it up the CSR when its got 265k km on the clock or is it just a young mans play thing designed for town posing and driving like a dick in close to city areas!


    Wouldn’t pay $74″k for a 2lt put a V6 of over 3.5lt or V8 and I would paid $80k. I think the 2lt has more to do with the government tax system. Manufacturers get tax relief from engines below 2lt.
    I love the lazy feeling of a big engine as many others do. I think I will be looking at the Amarok. I

  • Too expensive what is the towing capacity going to be as there would be a lot of interest in the caravaner market

    • Caravaner towing! you’ve got to be kidding yourself. Way under powered or should I say under torqued, you may be able to pull a van, but up steep hills in 40 deg, I bet the exhaust gas temp sensor will put the ute into limp mode. For serious towing look at Landcruiser V8, Audi Q7 V8 or VW Touareg V8, the latter 2 are miles ahead of the Landcruiser.

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