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The RV Daily $80,000 giveaway

The RV Daily $80,000 giveaway competition.
The RV Daily $80,000 giveaway competition.

Didn’t get lucky in our recent Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures giveaway? Fear not! Our friends at RV Daily, Australia’s most-read recreational vehicle publication, have put together another impressive competition that is sure to get Aussie travellers excited.

The first prize in this competition is from JB Caravans, a full-sized off-roading caravan. It’s the Dirt Road Xtreme, 20′ 06″ model that’s worth a cool $76,990. Along with this, you get a $1,000 voucher for Club 4X4 Insurance.

There are also four runner-up prizes, who will all score a $1,000 Club 4X4 voucher each.


But, like they say on the crappy shopping channels, there’s more. Every entry into the $80,000 giveaway gets a 2-month digital access pass to the Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures digital magazine, via an app on your smartphone! What have you got to lose?

Click here to head over to RV Daily and enter your details for your chance to win!


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  • You bloody beauty! Winner winner chicken dinner crack open a Bush chook and back that Trailor into my drive way

  • My partner worked hard as a concretor all of his life and this year became I’ll and is finding hard to not work .we both love your fishing,and it is time to enjoy the life we have left,so this would make our life fulfilled

  • get me outta hedland!!.
    Hubby works week on week off but we can get away cas we have 2 tiny dogs that we can cant be separated from

  • Love your show and would love to experience all the sights of our amazing country. Time to enjoy our life of retirement. With being able to off road would be a bonus as we would love to incorporate camping with gold detecting,fishing and exploring in this beautiful caravan.

  • After the sudden & unexpected death of my Father & Brother, I have been suffering servere depression & anxiety. My life as I knew it, is now a distant memory. I USED to love going away 4×4 driving, camping & fishing with my family, but now they are all gone. Just the thought of winning such a magnificent caravan gives me hope that life does go on & there is good in the world. This is the 1st time I’ve been excited about something in a very long time & just pray I am the lucky winner of the Pat Callinan’s Extreme Giveaway.

  • If we were lucky enough to win this awesome caravan ,we would be able to live our DREAMS. It would not only be our HOME but also would be our OFFICE,from which we could run our Xtreme Genes Business . Its the perfect colour combo and the perfect way to advertise JB Caravans & RVDaily as it would travel right across this Awesome country of ours………Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great competition .

  • We would love to explore this beautiful sunburnt country!? To win this Van it would be a life changing experience for my family.

  • Hey Pat, watch you TV show all the time. Would love to win this Van to do some travelling before my Osteo Arthritis becomes really bad and unable to travel. You really show interesting subjects, and thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition

  • This would be a dream come true, Australia is such a diverse and beautiful country worth seeing. On the bucket list and this would make it all possible.

  • This would be a dream come true, Australia is such a diverse and beautiful country worth seeing. On the bucket list and this would make it all possible.

  • After working our butts off for years sometimes working two jobs to give our 4 kids a descent home and education had no time for holidays work always came first, holidays were few . Now after kids have almost gone and after loosing everything on bad business decision have the time but not the money. Sad twist really but a caravan would certainly be better than a tent. Look out AUSTRALIA here i come 🙂

  • I would love to win this van for my brother to travel before his back won’t let him thanks for the opportunity to do so

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