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Power up and save big on a new Yamaha generator

Customers score a $150 Visa Gift Card with 2KVA generator purchase

It’s a classic campsite dilemma: you’ve got the beers on ice and the telly tuned into the footy final, but your campsite neighbours are giving your noisy generator the major stink eye. The solution? A quieter generator, of course!

Enter the Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator, a compact campsite essential that promises to power your appliances and devices without driving the entire campground balmy. This powerful, portable unit is fitted with an advanced sound reduction system to achieve super quiet performance, so your genny won’t drown out the footy commentators when things heat up in the third quarter. But despite its mild manners, the EF2000iS doesn’t skimp on power, rather is capable of running a microwave, portable fridge or small air-conditioner.

And the best bit? Grab a Yamaha 2KVA generator in time for your summer adventures and get a $150 Visa Gift Card with your purchase. Yamaha is offering this red-hot deal to customers purchasing a 2KVA generator between the 26th of September and the 30th of November, 2018.

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  • Check out the Honda EU22i. The old (run-out) EU20i runs the air con on my van with no probs. Will put out 2.7Kva for 7 seconds–long enough to start your A/C. Generator Place offered to refund my purchase if it would not run my A/C–can’t get better offer than that. EU22i sounds even better.

  • Yamaha Geni pick of the pack ? That’s true The price is another I’d consider 2.2 Brigs & Stratton Cheaper Haven’t seen any comparison Probably 2x B&S in parallel =4.4, weight about a single 4kv? fuel consumption ? The advertising portrays B&S as suited for the r v consumer
    B&S Not new to the small engine world powering generator The current advertising seems to be all as B&S engine & inverter generator Curious ???

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