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$160K Amarok V6 Adventure Giveaway – last chance to enter!

Enter the huge 160K Amarok V6 giveaway!

The huge $160,000 Volkswagen Amarok V6 Adventure Giveaway is ending at 4.00AM, Friday 28th of April, which means two things. 1: The winner is going to be announced very soon, and 2: This is your last chance to make an entry into the competition!

Follow this link to enter the competition. Don’t forget, entries at close 4.00AM on Friday the 28th of April!


1st Prize (one winner)

  • Volkswagen Amarok Ultimate V6
  • Lotus 14’ Off-Grid Caravan
  • $5,000 ARB Voucher
  • $1,000 Club 4X4 Voucher
  • Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Pack

Runner up prize packs (five winners)

  • $1,000 ARB Voucher
  • $1,000 Club 4X4 Voucher
  • Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Pack

Good luck!


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  • The opertunity to visit our own country visit our own pioneers and experience the true Australian way in life. Winning this compition is my families dream.

  • Great adventure show Pat i would also like to say thanks to your insurance team for their support and empathy when i had to make a claim recently
    George Farrugia

  • Would be the best thing ever every thing we have ever dreamed of and how it would make life easier and better to visit family and friends

  • Would be a win of a life time ,as getting on in years caravan would be a dream instead of having to put our old camper trailer up, and a new vehicle to tow it,

  • Been working 20 yrs, trying to pull a rig settup like this together, without any luck, thanks to life and it’s challanges Winning this would tick off everything I have on my bucket list, with one tick. I truely hope I win this ….
    Again, knowing my luck, I might as well keep dreaming. You got to be in it to win it, is what the Mrs says 🙂

  • Imagine the thoughts of early settlers and explorers if they could see this level of luxury and ease of travel in the bush.

  • We took early retirement so that we could explore the parts of Australia that we haven’t seen as yet. When the kids were young we did some great adventure to the tip of Cape York, crossed the Simpson, Fraser Island and many four wheel drive camping trips. In September 2017 we did the Simpson once more without kids as they are now all grown up. Pitching tents every night while travelling is really starting to take its toll.
    Having this awesome rig would be a dream come true. We plan to travel North from Sydney to Cooktown, then cross the country and travel the Savannah way to include the Kimberleys, Darwin Broome and the entire WA. Would also like to include some of the famous tracks like the Gibb river road. Hell it would be fantastic and certainly make life real easy out there allowing us more time to take in our beautiful country.

  • An absolute dream to explore this great country in vehicles like this.
    Well beyond my reach,but in it to win it and be able to retire (64) this year and envy those with getaway setups that I see on freeways daily.
    Good Luck to all and thank you Pat, Volkswagen and Lotus for giving us All a chance

  • Would be a grand birthday gift & timely for my off season travelling Australia and 4WD well off the radars with my little Family & Friends. ???

  • Bit disappointed. This comp was advertised on the 4×4 show broadcast on Sund 30 April 2017, and when I go to enter here, it says the comp is over. Wish they would put a disclaimer on the show it was over. M

  • This would be the ultimate prize to win. To travel from W.A to Armidale N.S.W for my dear Mum,s 90 birthday in october, who ever wins I hope they enjoy themselves

  • All the best to everyone who has entered. I am not sure if it has been drawn. If so that means someone out there has won instead. I hope you have a wonderful adventure on the road like my husband an I have planned many times over and hopefully down the track we will be there as well.

  • Peter & Penny own a Cub Kamparoo Brumby and a lovely old GQ Patrol (nick named Ol Regret from the Man from Snowy River ballad). In may 2016 we did an epic adventure to Alice Springs, Uluaru returning to Brisbane via Birdsville. We traveled 7500km and met so many awesome people including the Hema Nomads Linda & Wal. We had the time of our lives and can’t stop talking about how good life on the road is. We cannot wait to set of on our next adventure. As we are getting on in years and would love the to upgrade our creature comforts a little. Penny is 60 this year what a birthday present it would be to advise her we have won this competition. I would give heaps to see the look on her face.

  • We will be out of cell range camping with two other trucks (daughter and fiancée in each) plus our brand new Amarok Core Plus so even if we win, we won’t know until Tuesday 🙂

    Would love to win and then give our Core Plus to our daughter.

  • its got my name on him.i’ll be the new alby mangles requiring three beautiful women for the adventure of a lifetime,any takers

  • We have been talking about our big around Australia trip for the past few years but due to health slowly changes times going to let us a down so watching your show is a good as it gets but this would be a dream come true if it came off.

  • Such an amazing show!!! Watch it all the time! So informative you do a great job! This is an Amazing prize and would be absolutely stoked to win! Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  • To win this would be our dream come true, to be in a position to do it rather than watch others do the traveling. At our age we are running out of time, let’s hope we are lucky

  • This would be the perfect opportunity for my wife and I to travel and see/ experience Australia the way it should be, it would be absolutely fantastic to win such a cool prize.
    Fingers crossed, yep, hope we win

  • For the last 10 years I have dreamed of Touring Australia and all its nooks and crannies as soon as retirement is possible. Winning these incredible prizes would make the dream become a reality.May
    the adventure begin!

  • Would cherish the opportunity to be lucky enough to accept these prizes from the amazing sponsors making this all possible. Have recently moved back to Australia from living and working in the USA where the company went with the “America first” so started letting go all the foreign workers first. I’d probably start an online site to show the adventures I have using all of these amazing prizes! May as well help them with advertising as much as possible with giving away such a great set of prizes. Thank you all for being so generous.

  • This prize would make my old 93 hilux so jealous but the old bones so grateful , might even have some time off work to enjoy it all .

  • Sorry to disappoint all of you, but this prize is mine, read my lips, mine!!! Hope you will all understand!! lol. What a great prize to win, Thanks.

  • It would be the best ever prize to win as it would be the only thing that I have won. I can’t even get last prize in a chook dying from heart failure so yes it would be great.

  • My hubby is ready to retire & this would be the ultimate gift for him.
    He has dreamt for years for the day to go touring our beautiful country.

  • My husband is ready to retire & this would be the ultimate gift for him.
    He has dreamt for years for the day to come to go touring our beautiful country.

  • As a single mum, I would be able to share experiences and memories with my children as we explore different areas of our state. With the peace of mind that we have the best in motor vehicles and caravans keeping us safe!

  • Thank you and for this opportunity to enter your $160k Amarok competition.
    I was born in 1952 almost 65yrs and retiring young.
    No matter who I speak to they just can`t believe that I have never / ever been out of Tasmania.
    I do a little trout fishing at Lake Crescent where my wife Ann and I live in the center of Tassie.
    The furthest I have ventured off our Tassie coast would be approximately 8kms doing a bit of saltwater fishing occasionally.
    So visiting your web site is always very informative and alluring on all things Aussie.
    So to win the $160k Amarok V6 Adventure Giveaway then fit it out with the accessories that have and do recommend would be the best experiences ever.
    This undoubtedly would be the catalyst to finally have me dip my toes and cross the Bass Straight for what could be the biggest adventure of my Ann and my life time.

    o take the biggest steps I have ever strive for means I would definitely require a brilliant 4×4 and that it is the best reliable vehicle on the market today.
    and set up to handle any situation that adventure throws at one.

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