Toyota LandCruiser Recall: 100 & 200 Series affected

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Bullbar
Toyota LandCruiser Recall: HDJ100, HZJ105, UZJ100, VDJ200, UZJ200, URJ202 are all affected.

It’s been a busy week in terms of 4X4 recalls, with Ford and Jeep racking up their own recalls a few days ago. Now it’s Toyota’s turn, with a LandCruiser recall coming out today.

It’s another airbag recall, with Toyota saying “There is a possibility that an incorrect specification airbag assembly was installed during the vehicle assembly process.”

It’s affecting 100 and 200 series LandCruisers, with petrol, diesel, V8, 1HD, 1HZ, IFS and solid front axle models affected. For the LandCruiser nerds out there, that includes HDJ100, HZJ105, UZJ100, VDJ200, UZJ200, URJ202.

Click here to see the full list of VIN numbers affected. Toyota will obviously replace the offending parts at no charge, but if you have any questions, contact your local dealer.

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  • If you want the best vehicle for towing 3.5 tonne, great fuel economy, comfort, quality, power and off-road capability, go for the Volkswagen Touareg and save yourself some money. We are on our second one now and won’t buy anything else. We have done many kms towing our 3 tonne van and just wave to all those other 4wds going past on tilt trays

    Ps. our other vehicle is an Amarok. The most comfortable and reliable dual cab we have come across, so stop with all the “old wives tales” about them being unreliable, because it just isn’t true

    • Just another angle on the Touareg, Mate of mine had one for 3 years but was very aware of the size of his car and the weight of his van, he had problems with the tail wagging the dog, his van was around 3.3ton loaded and he found that when going down hills the van would start to sway, he tried reloading the van but to no avail, so in the end he traded it for a ‘yes’ a 200 Landcruiser, problem solved, hope you are good with your can weight.

  • better late than never, ( some times ) — 200 series is much better for towing, however ask ones like Berrima Diesel and the like, which I have done plenty of research and this is with Toyota mechanics as well, 100 series for reliability hands down. it all comes back to fuel issue. with the extreme pressures in all new fourbies and the tolerance levels with injectors and fuel pumps, individual programming with the injectors, and so many other issues…that can and do go wrong, always having to be careful where you fuel up, I don’t want that pressure constantly, I had a brand new 120 prado with 23 k’s on it and sold it due to buying bad fuel at a truck stop, (Pheasants Nest — it was only two years old, try getting servo, insurance comp, Toyota, to do anything) I will stick with my 100 series. I do love the look and ride of 200 series, but reliability is most important to me, so is cost of servicing. which I do myself. I do 40k + a year, if I break down – it can be along way from home and early in morning (1am to 3am) I can’t afford to be stranded. 100 series tows ok, I am happy to forfeit power for reliability. I hope that helps Mike

  • Have a 200 series Sahara best thing ever for us has ALL THEBELLS AND LOTS MORE tows 3.5 tone van with plenty of GO and I like most have had at least 18 other 4×4 and the land cruser is the best and won’t be getting rid of it for sure

  • Steve.

    I had an 80 series petrol that was a great truck, l knew every nut & bolt on it and did my own services except for the big ones. It was a brilliant vehicle even being petrol and only sold it because i couldn’t legally tow my new van. After looking for a 100 series in good condition, they were asking $60k so tipped in a little more and went with a 2009 200 series. This was 4yrs ago, it had 23k on the clock and was a shopping trolley. It’s the best towing vehicle i’ve ever had but word of warning, drive them like you stole it and you’ll pay for it. I tow a 3 tonne van at 100k and if the conditions are right 17lts / 100k. If the wind is up and you need to get somewhere so push a little harder 23lts / 100k. Way better than the 80 series but technology has it’s price so i don’t do as much of the servicing as i used to.

  • Cannot beat the 200 upgrade.
    Just been to Perth and back (15,000 Ks in 3 months) toeing 22 ft jayco outback. Could not believe how good it was. had an 80 series years and thought it was the bees knees.
    The 200 has power to spare and the some.

  • I have a 100 series TD with mods and love it. But for towing heavy loads it’s a pig. It’ll tow anything at low speed but try and maintain 100 kph…especially on any incline…good luck. And before anyone berates me, I’ve owned plenty of 4x4s And that cruise control on the 100 is rediculous. I guess it’s the high pressure running the modern diesels that makes them tow so well, before they blow up anyway 🙂 BUT….great all round vehicle the 100. Now done 350k and runs as good as ever. Simple servicing saves a lot of $$$ too.

  • Whats the best Lancruiser for towing? I have a 100 series Turbo Diesel but was told that the 200 series is far better for towing heavey (3T) caravans. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • i have 100 series, will stick with it, it has only 434,00 k’s on it, with at least another mill to mill and half to go. was also looking at amarok until I saw the harsh service costs. I don’t want to be borrowing against my house every 12,000 k’s. owned two troopies and 75 series ute – excellent vehicles. had many others as well non Toyota, will stick with 100 series. ( try bad fuel with the new fourbies – can’t go past the older models ) that’s all another story

  • Hey Alexander I have always had Cruisers still got my 2006 Turbo 100 gxl diesel auto having said that I also wanted a ute so I did my homework and went for a BT 50 freestyle cab , what can I say I love this ute it tows my 20 ft off-road caravan as good if not better than my 100 series , its that 5 gear that makes the difference so for me it’s horses for courses can’t wait for new model cruiser and to some extent the BT 50 replacement

  • Hey Pat, had a look at the recall and it appears to be less than a handful of vehicles. Certainly not a mainstream recall.

    Have owned 3 Toyota LandCruiserers now (60, 100 and 200) – if you want the best and can afford it and especially if you tow large caravans, horse floats etc and always wished for the grunt whilst under such loads then get hold of a 200 Series Twin Turbo Diesel VDJ200R (preferably VX or Sahara Models). The other brands out there just do not come close to the LandCruiser. If you cannot afford a Brand New one, better off buying a good second hand LandCruiser than purchasing any other brand new vehicle to do the job!

  • When the big fella created Earth he smiled,next thing he thought should do is creat man.Hell, he thought the poor bloke is gunner need transportation. Came to pass in the flick of a dead lambs tail the perfect companion Toyota 80 series bloody wonderful greatest perfect Landcruiser.All we can say to that is amen.?

  • I want to correct the comment that Toyota take no responsibility for cracked dashes.
    My 2007 Prado 120 has been parked outside in South East Qld and the dash started to crack in 2012.
    On contacting my local Toyota dealer I was told to take photos of the cracks and send them to the dealer.
    The dash has been protected by an after market dash mat with no cracks under the mat. Only relatively minor cracks where dash is exposed. Two days later I was informed Toyota accepted my claim for a new dash. The dash is covered by a 10 year warranty and it was replaced at no cost to me. I do not know if other Toyota models are covered. Apart from being an owner of a Prado I have no connection of any sort to Toyota.

  • I had the dash replaced Toyota aurion it was sticky , work this out only if in Qld it doesn’t do it below the boarder the sun was not hot enough to cause the sticky Dash but came from Sydney their for 2 years replaced free of charge see your dealer

  • Amazing how the y do recalls for safety items but take no, or very little, responsibility for the cracked dash problem that happened in early 2000 models of Prado, Lexus ( maybe more done as it is their luxury icon) etc. A design/formulation fault – pity it doesn’t affect the airbag deployment, then they’d have to fix it.

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