Zone RV’s Triple Crown Tour

ByWes WhitworthJuly 4, 2018
Zone RV’s Triple Crown Tour

It’s not every day you get to travel the Gibb River Road, Tanami Highway and the Plenty Highway for work, and call it an R&D trip. But that’s exactly what the guys over at Zone RV have done, naming this epic trip from the west coast of Australia, the Triple Crown Tour. They were even good enough to capture the whole thing on camera, and make a rather stunning doco of the trip. Have a look at this:

The Triple Crown Tour saw Zone RV directors Matt Johns and David Biggar team up with an ARB crew to take a Z-16.6 Off-Road, ZV20.6 Venture and a Z-21.6 Off-Road vans across these three iconic parts of Australia. They even managed to get up to Mitchell Falls in The Kimberly, and on top of Big Red, in Birdsville.

Courtesy of Zone RV

Matt Johns gave us this piece of insight from the trip. “Everyone will have their own unique challenges travelling these popular tracks, even after doing their extensive research prior, but we can all agree there’s always more to learn for next time. We encountered some unpredictable obstacles, as well as common issues we were able to rectify with the help of our sponsors who supported our expedition – namely ARB, Hema Maps, Cel-Fi, Cruisemaster and Dometic – and we feel all caravaners and off-road enthusiasts can benefit from sharing in our experiences,” said Matt.

Make sure you watch the doco above, which the folks at Zone RV have thrown online for free for everyone to see, as chances are you’ll get some fantastic knowledge on both the tow rigs and caravans, for when you’re doing research for your own run across any of these iconic locations.

You can see more from the folks at Zone RV here, and also the good people over at ARB Maroochydore here!